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Posted by jennywill AKP STAFF Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Han Seo Hee claims Kang Hyuk Min's lawsuit is not why she deleted her accusatory post

Han Seo Hee

Actor Kang Hyuk Min has "unveiled" Han Seo Hee's explanation for why she deleted her accusatory post.

Han Seo Hee had deleted her post accusing him of being a 'rapist-in-training' when Kang Hyuk Min had revealed he had sued her and 10,000 of her followers. In a message to her, someone wrote: "You uploaded screenshots of a mini-homepage like it was facts without even checking first, and have you now deleted it because you think it's no longer real [because of the lawsuit]? You know your Instagram is influential. Think before you act.She wrote back, "It's not because [of the lawsuit] but I did it for him because he apologized~ I don't want to be put together with someone like him, either, keke. I also don't want to be grouped with someone who's flailing around trying to get attention by using me. Good luck!! ^^"

Since, Kang Hyuk Min posted the screenshot and wrote, 

"Hey... Are you hallucinating? When did I apologize to you. Why are you lying to others. Why are you saying bizarre thing through your DM answers. If you keep doing this, you'll just be losing in the end.
And sometimes you pretend to be a non-celebrity, and then sometimes you say the size doesn't fit you and act like you're a top star... You keep going back and forth, so it's confusing. No matter what your size is, you're just a genderless keyboard warrior to me.
And how can I sue 'quietly'?
Your group asked me every day when I was going to sue you. How can I be quiet? The feces you left behind are too big so I'm cleaning up, and now I have to clean it up quietly? The mission is too stuck up.
A pdf about me? What is that? I still have everything that I posted... I don't upload and erase like you guys do, so everything is still there. Or do you think I'm like you guys, where I post about lies, mockery, and hurtful things?
I don't know.. If you're talking about the things that you have been saying to hurt everyone, I have so much data.. Were you saying you'd help me get those pdfs?
Give me your email. I'll send you my proof."

In response, Han Seo Hee wrote, 

"I'm writing this because Kang Hyuk Min has wrongly interpreted a DM I had with someone else. I told him through DM that I wanted to talk to him but he ignored me, and now he's doing this. I told him that I wanted to talk to him, not to cancel the suit, but just because I was curious about his thoughts, so I left him my number, but if he does this, I don't have a choice, either. The DM screenshot that he uploaded is where I'm saying I deleted the post because he uploaded the apology. Nothing more, and nothing less. Don't misunderstand. But. Kang Hyuk Min, you were the one who publicly targeted someone who was doing nothing through SNS and caused a fight, so why are you like this? The reason that I uploaded the screenshot of your Cyworld is because you uploaded an explanation, and apologized for your wording. It's true I have to apologize for that. I got that screenshot from other people, and I'm sorry I uploaded those like they were true. I'm sorry even more if you were hurt by that. I didn't know that you had taken legal measures. I'm pretty sure many people did not either. Also, since you mentioned pdfs, I'll say one thing. From what you erased, there's something where you said you'll get money from me. You said you didn't delete anything, but didn't you delete that because you realized it was detrimental to you? I'm saying I have that pdf. And in the last and almost first DM you sent me, you told me that the post where you wrote I was out of my mind was a post that was meant for good. I wonder if you can say that if our situations were flipped: if I said you were a crazy person all of a sudden, and said what I thought about you like they were true. I don't make excuses or lie about what I did. You know very well how hurt you were, but you pretend not to know how you hurt me. I hope you admit that."

In a caption, she wrote, "I thought a lot of people would be disturbed by this now so I thought about uploading this, but I had something to say. I got hit first so I was angry and hit back, but why is the person who hit first going crazy, and why is he the victim... "

Previously, Han Seo Hee garnered attention for lashing out first at others such as Yoo Ah In and transgender people, receiving criticism from netizens. What do you think of the ongoing situation?

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