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Posted by beansss AKP STAFF Friday, October 6, 2017

Wanna One fans call out sasaeng allegedly in contact with YMC employee and start a movement on Twitter

Wanna One, Park Woo Jin
Wanna One fans are demanding feedback from YMC Entertainmentin regards to word spreading online that an allegedsasaeng fan is in contact with a manager of the boy group.

The fans started a movement to protect Wanna One from allegedsasaeng fan threats when a series of Kakao Talk messages spread online. First, one Twitter user known for being a fan photographer of Wanna One's Park Woo Jin was accused of being a sasaeng fan.

The Kakao Talk messages are as follows:

The Kakao Talk messages are supposedly an exchange between the sasaeng fan in question and an employee of YMC Entertainment, a female manager of Wanna One named KimEun Joo. Fans suspect the sasaeng fan asked the manager if Park Woo Jin knows the sasaeng fan by her fanpage username.

When fans asked for an explanation on the alleged sasaeng fan's Twitter, the person denied that they are friends with the YMC manager named Kim Eun Joo, instead claiming that the Eun Joo in the messages is an unrelated person with the same name. The alleged sasaengalso denied asking a YMC staff member whether Park Woo Jin knew her fancafehandle, sayingher friend was looking forward to a fan meeting and told her she should ask the Wanna One member if he recognized her.

However, fans refused to buy the explanation, pointing out supposed holes in the Twitter user's explanation.Fans believe the YMC manager named Eun Joo is a woman often spotted with Wanna One in various fanphotos, such as below.

Continuing to accuse the Twitter user of being a sasaeng fan in contact with the female YMC manager, fans of Wanna One, also known as Wannable, began a Twitter movement by using a hashtag translating to roughly, "#WannaOne_SaSaeng(TwitterUserName)_BlackList_Please."

In response, YMC Entertainment has issued a brief notice regarding the ongoing movement. YMC stated, "The person in question in the mobile messages has nothing to do with YMC employees, and there is no one with that name among official Wanna One staff. We also want to clarify that we are not in contact with any Wanna One fans on a personal basis." The label also asked fans to stop harassing YMC staff by searching their personal information and sending them hateful comments, adding there will be legal repercussions if they do not desist. YMC further stated sasaengfans and fans who do not follow fan club etiquette will be dealt with, and the agency will do its best to protect its artists.

However, YMC's official statement proved unsatisfactory in some fans' eyes, and they are continuing to trend the hashtag on Twitter.

What do you think of the situation?

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