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Posted by eric_r_wirsing AKP STAFF Sunday, October 15, 2017

[Drama Review] 'While You Were Sleeping' – Episodes 11 & 12

Suzy, Lee Jong Suk

Enter one Kang Dae Hee, a guy whose subplots we've been seeing the past couple episodes. Here's where it all comes together.

Dae Hee hires Yoo Bum to prove him innocent in the death of his younger brother.  Jae Chan has a dream where the man was hauled away for the death of his brother and his sister but is surprised at how little bits don't match up with the actual case. Hong Joo gets a tip from Woo Tak about an animal serial killer -- 100 cats have been found dead so far and discusses it with her colleagues in the newsroom.

That night, Jae Chan dreams that Hong Joo is in danger, being attacked by Dae Hee. He tells her, but she can't figure out why she would be in danger. That day, the trial proceeds and Yoo Bum proves Dae Hee innocent on technicalities and lack of evidence.

Jae Chan puts all this together. The younger brother was proven not to have died in the car accident. The 100 cats were poisoned, and this man was the guy who did it. The appearance of the blood on the younger brother appears to be pinkish, a result of the poisoning. If Hong Joo puts all that together as well... The attack happens, as predicted. Woo Tak tries to stop him but is stabbed and beaten. Dae Hee goes after Hong Joo and his sister, and Jae Chan pops up at the last minute, with a warrant for poisoning his younger brother to death, as well as falsifying a car accident and insurance. Hong Joo is safe, for the moment...
This drama is really good at characterization. And they don't spend all that much time on it, but they really let you know who the person is. Like the social club that is the prosecutor's circle. Everyone there seems to have an opinion, but quashes it in favor of the socially acceptable answer. Which is why Jae Chan is kind of an outsider there. He puts on a neat public front, but goes home and is a slob, reading manhwa and littering the room. Hong Joo cares a lot for others and wants to do good, whether in journalism or her dreams of the future.

Which brings me to Yoo Bum. I always viewed him as the villain, but here he seems to at least have somewhat of a conscience. The scene in the washroom where he washes his hands so hard he bleeds is interesting. Maybe he's not entirely irredeemable. Lee Sang Yeob does a fantastic job of portraying the guy. He's undeniably charismatic, and also undeniably a jerk.

I also like some of the ways the drama leverages emotional reactions, at least where the audience is concerned. Like the sound effects -- Jae Chan wakes up from a dream and thunder cracks. A bowl of fruit is slammed on a table that makes deep booming. As I said before, they make the courtroom drama interesting, and to me that's difficult.

As I said, I'm addicted to this drama. I can't wait to see each episode. I love how they set this up, and am excited to see what comes next.




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