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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Best Red Velvet Music Videos Ranked

Red Velvet
12. Rebirth
As always, girl groups love to do the schoolgirl concept; especially when it comes to music videos! However, Rebirth takes a lower place on the MV listing due to the stagnant scene of the video. The camera doesn't pan away from the girls, although for some this is the ultimate fan service! The MV plot is simply the expression of five girls when a good-looking guy comes in.
11. Rookie
Rookie employs the classic Red Velvet colorful concept in the video. MVs by Red Velvet are easily spotted by way of their signature coloring. However, because each member's concepts do not necessarily tie together, we have put Rookie near the bottom of the list. This MV is on the chaotic side, even for flamboyant Red Velvet!
10.Would U
Would U is interesting in the sense that Red Velvet employed an 'Act 1' and 'Act 2' in their MV! It seems silly to subdivide a 3-minute long music video, but it works for the group. Their secret garden setup is very reminiscent of APINK's Secret Garden MV as a similar garden setup is used, but the signature Red Velvet high contrast coloring is there!
9. Ice Cream Cake
This video was a bit different from the loudly flamboyant videos Red Velvet has. Ice Cream Cake focused more on the members and their individual talents: dancing, singing, and personality! In addition to their road trip concept, the neat visual effects editing overlaid earns Ice Cream Cake its number 9 spot. This is also one of the only times we see Red Velvet in a more tomboyish concept with plaid outfits and snapbacks on.
8. Automatic
We love Automatic because it shows Red Velvet is capable of doing the dramatic concept. They prove time and time again that they are one of the most versatile girl groups around! Netizens argue that many boy groups are gifted with the creepy or dark concept, but women are forced into the cute or sexy concept. This shows that Red Velvet can run with the guys just the same!
7. Be Natural
A fan-favorite MV, the group is able to truly show off the 'Velvet' side of Red Velvet with a sultry song rather than a bubblegum pop electronic song! Be Natural earned its place on this list because it was a one-take MV with a dynamic performance! Hard to believe the entirety was shot in one go! This MV reflects a charming and mature Red Velvet that can be sexy without showing skin!
6. Red Flavor
This energetic summer dance track was paired perfectly with an MV that suited the sound of the song! Red Flavor employs what Red Velvet is known for best: a bubbly and carefree image! The MV is also particularly cute with them interviewing each fruit at the beginning! Is it just us, or are you craving some juicy watermelon too?
5. Russian Roulette
With simple movements and member-focused shots, Russian Roulette places # 5 on our list! With a fun semi-sports theme, the girls can be seen playing tennis and dodgeball, as well as being seen poolside (a risque move for a lot of younger girl groups)! Though this video seems light-hearted and playful, upon further notice, you'll realize the girls trying to inflict harm on each other. This ties back to the concept of Russian Roulette, otherwise known as putting a bullet into a revolver, spinning the cylinder and then pulling the trigger at one's own head. Subtly placed, but very well done!
4. Dumb Dumb
The concept for Dumb Dumb was so highly revered that even Rolling Stone named it one of the top 10 videos of 2015. Red Velvet shows off their versatility in this music video, proving that they can tackle anything SM throws at them (and do it well too)! This song and video were highly respected in 2015 for unique innovation!
3. Happiness
The debut single, Happiness, is one of Red Velvet's most well-known tracks. The video features an island vibe with parrots, palm leaves, blue skies, flowers, and wild animals! The coordinated hair colors of each member are quite unforgettable when paired with the signature song! Though there were initially some controversial images in the music video, SM has since edited them out to ensure the MV for Happiness is exactly what the title suggests!
2. One Of These Nights
The interconnected scenes of One Of These Nights earns its place as the second best Red Velvet MV. Not only is the song a challenging ballad different from the other Red Velvet singles, but the video is cinematic perfection! From angles to pans and cuts to transitions, One Of These Nights is one of the group's most dynamic MVs yet. The aesthetics and symbolism of the video are unparalleled and vastly experimental in comparison to their normal colorful and cheery concept.
1. Wish Tree
As a video supporting LGBT rights, Wish Tree is a fan favorite among many! The MV does not feature any of the members but offers a telling tale of a young girl who has fallen in love with her friend. The MV has just the right amount of human touch and speaks a painful truth for those who have fallen in love with someone of the same gender in a heteronormative society. Though the video is not as elaborate and high-cost as other Red Velvet videos, the quality and sincerity give Wish Tree the top spot!
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