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Super Junior performs as 4 at 'SMTOWN Live', Leeteuk says he wants to cry but won't

By jennywill   Saturday, July 8, 2017   95,487   12,502   1



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Leeteuk stayed strong for both fans and his group at 'SMTOWN Live'.

Super Junior performed as a group of four at the 'SMTOWN Live', with Kangin and Sungmin currently on hiatus from the group, and the rest of the group enlisted in the army. Only Heechul, Shindong, Yesung, and Leeteuk himself were on stage along with 7 other dancers.

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The members said, "Even a day where Super Junior greets you like this comes. We're feeling as complicated as the weather. We wondered to ourselves if we should stand on stage as a 4-member group. We debuted as the biggest group, but today we are the smallest dance group in SM."

Leeteuk added, "I've been at SM Entertainment for 18 years, and days like today come around. Until now, Lee Soo Man and many others gave up many things to protect Super Junior like this. We have to prepare that much more. I'm always thankful for those people. There are a lot of things in my head today. It's raining, and it seems like the sky is crying. I want to cry as well, but I won't because today is a good day." He tried to cheer up Yesung, who was crying beside him. 

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lilliana Tuesday, July 11, 2017

don't cry...

kimmiefonze Monday, July 10, 2017

International fans had a meeting, literally. We want eleven men on stage, not eight, not four so fuck the Korean ELFs who tries to divide Super Junior against their wishes. Fuck these "fans", who obviously have no lives, no human value whose existence is similar to garbage. They are the cancer that destroys KPop and they all should just jump off a building because their lives don't matter. BYE!

angel214 Monday, July 10, 2017

I'm sad for them .I don't understand the hate against Sungmin , he did not do anything wrong .I'm Elf france and I support all members of super junior .I love them and I "m sad that sungmin  is not there for the comeback..For me they are the best group of Kpop.

mind_blown Sunday, July 9, 2017

For real I feel bad for them. All this shit because of some selfish so called "fans". (I get why Kangin gets hate but Sungmin is beyond ridiculous)

Sapphirex Sunday, July 9, 2017

We'll cry for you leeteutk💔

selinanotselena Sunday, July 9, 2017

I wish I could hug him :'( he deserves everything good in this world

Hyeriioo Sunday, July 9, 2017

He can keep his crocodile tears

pink_oracle Hyeriioo Sunday, July 9, 2017

You is can learn English please?

tomogiroe pink_oracle Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hahahahahahahaha. This made my day.

Miyaka08 pink_oracle Sunday, July 9, 2017


jenicekorn Hyeriioo Monday, July 10, 2017

i think your from country that have red and white flag, are you ????

Xiao_Muncher jenicekorn Monday, July 10, 2017

lol what makes you think so?

Hyeriioo pink_oracle Monday, July 10, 2017


pink_oracle Hyeriioo Monday, July 10, 2017

lol, way too late to edit your post to hide the fuck up.

Hyeriioo pink_oracle Monday, July 10, 2017

I'm not trying to hide this tho ??? So I was wrong? So what???

pink_oracle Hyeriioo Monday, July 10, 2017

Calm down kiddo, it's just a joke.

Hyeriioo pink_oracle Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Hyungshi Sunday, July 9, 2017

well they could have performed happily with the active members... all just because of a small group of fans say so

noedardma Sunday, July 9, 2017

Let me post another opinion. Many people here are acting like they are absolutely better than K-ELF & K-fans in general. I get that the boycott & exclusion are too much, and I agree with that. But, please stop. Some people are talking like an entertainment industry expert. They talked about how messed up the kpop industry & fandom culture are. Why are you still here then? You are into other people's entertainment & culture. Of course you will notice that it's different. Different doesn't necessarily translate to bad. Fandom culture aren't as bad as you think. The ideal fandom culture is about investing your life (time, money, energy, etc.) to support your idols. You & your idols move together into the future to gain successes & happy times. You get that sense of being a part of something big. IMO it is cringey as f*ck but it's still a beautiful thing when you do it right. Do you think making fun of these people is a good thing? Even I, the rudest person in this comments section, wouldn't seriously do that. Many times, they are the one who gave us the best updates on our faves. When your expectations are too high & when you're too invested on something, you're bound to be disappointed when things didn't go your way. That's what always happened to unideal fandoms. Some people have their patience but some others just went nuts. Fan-idol relationship aren't like bf-gf relationship. They're more volatile & replaceable. What Sungmin & his wife did was toying with this volatile relationship. If you really hate these idols & fandom things then, again, why are you still here? Many of your faves know better than you do about all this. Some even genuinely like the fan-idol relationship ideas. Even the ones who don't really like it are doing their best to separate their private & professional life, unlike Sungmin & his wife, they were doing both things at the same time. What's the point about flaunting a relationship that you didn't want to disclose to your fans in the first place? It was borderline trolling because it was unnecessary. You guys are the one who really need to learn about empathy. About understanding other people & things that you're not familiar with. Idol is a job. It's a job about being an entertainer but it's also about fanservice, customer service & public relations. Comments like "they should only care about their music bla bla bla" are just stupid. Then tell them to stop doing vlives or instalives. Tell them to stop going on variety shows. Just go to talk shows to talk about their music & music shows to showcase their music. If you really care about music why don't you listen to classical, traditional, classic rock or jazz?

Naruta noedardma Monday, July 10, 2017

There's one point I can totally agree with you: Being an idol is a JOB. Period. It shouldn't be about making yourself a slave to "fans", it shouldn't be about giving up yourself and acting like a puppet to your fans will. And we international fans are still here to show those poor idols that there are also people who are willing and able to have a healthy idol-fan-relationship with support no matter what. We I-fans don't abandon our idols because they want to have a life as an individual as well. We love their music, their style, the amazing performances - and at the end of the day we return home to our own real lives and allow the idols to have their privacy as well. We are realistic enough to know that it's not our business whether they have relationships and when or how they reveal them. We are still here when they make mistakes because that's what humans do - they make mistakes. And it's on us to be mature enough to forgive. Something like this issue around SJ makes me unbelievable sad and mad at the same time: How can people who pretend to be fans , hurt their idol so much? Where's the support for those hard working people? I will never understand that behavior, you're right with that as well, but I just don't WANT to since this isn't what fans should be like. So you have your answer: this is why we I-fans are still here: to support our idols when you K-fans have given them up.

noedardma Naruta Monday, July 10, 2017

Thank you for explaining it for me. A lot of people here are just downvoting without giving any kind of explanation. I really don't mind the downvoting, I only want clarity. Now I do get that some people here are only into kpop for their music & performances, unlike the majority in circa 2009-2012 when I first got into kpop. Back then people would definitely bash Heechul for not crying or for hanging out with his friends more than he hangs out with his members. Now I do get that some i-fans (I really can't say that you guys are in the majority if you look at the big fandoms like ARMY, EXO-L, ONCE, etc. Probably 50:50) want people to treat idols like the normal images of Western celebrities. I really insisted on voicing out my confusion because it's definitely not like this back then. Another thing that made me believe that you guys are bizarre is because I don't get why you're into it only for the music, because their music are basic. It's pop after all. Plus you don't understand the lyrics. Idol groups music, whether it's a dance group or it's an idol band, is really not that appealing apart from the catchy-ness. Take a look at CNBLUE, DAY6 & FTISLAND, they lack complexity, why not listen to power/electro-pop bands & metal-infused alternative bands outside of kpop then? You can find EXO & BTS's sounds in many western artists. If I only judge Korean artists by their music alone, I'd choose their ballads & rock ballads (their 90s & 00s stuff that I got to know from Korean variety & singing shows). So now, I can fully conclude that you guys are definitely into this but not for the fandom culture. You guys made your own definitions of how fandoms & idol groups are supposed to be. Honestly I'm amazed at you guys. You don't get the culture, you don't get the language, you hate the industry and pity the idols cause you see them as being slaved, and yet you guys still managed to force yourself into all this mess and having fun doing it. If I were you guys, I would be done by now. Also, again, Sungmin's case, you do admit that he messed up, right? I agree that the exclusion & boycott are too much, but you do get the idea that it's not about marriage, right? It's about the idol-fan relationship, right? It's about his apology not being accepted because he immediately went to the army & now, because his wife is ruining it for him. Just making sure that you guys understand the situation. I agree that he should be forgiven but at this rate, if you're an i-elf, you should be worried about the next comeback with Kyuhyun & Ryeowook because I still can see #sungminout campaign in the future. You should focus on finding ways for him to be included. It's either you guys persuade him to do a full-blown apology or persuade the other members to listen to you or prepare a scheme to beat K-ELF.

noedardma Naruta Monday, July 10, 2017

Also, I'm very curious about your opinion on this "I just don't get why they insist on changing the idol & fandom definitions that are already well-established in Korea into the definitions that they believe are the correct ones. SMH with those people. I doubt kpop will survive if all people (including all Koreans) treat it like regular music. The nugu groups would all be gone by now without their fandoms' bulk buying and other supports. An idol group life-span would be decreased from like 10 years to 3-5 years." It's from my conversation with other users. Please respond. You can treat me as a person who really needs enlightenment. I really really am not a troll, at all. I'm 100% being real. I'm doing this to fulfill my own curiosities. I'm that person with many unpopular opinions, in other words a real bad person. Please reply. I am very very curious about this topic.

Naruta noedardma Monday, July 10, 2017

:-( I wrote such a long detailed reply, and when I wanted to post it, everything was gone :-(( Now I don´t have time, but I promise to reply and explain everything again asap.

barbi noedardma Monday, July 10, 2017

To me it's about limits and boundaries, First I want to explain as an i-fan why I'm into kpop. About the language thing its not an issue at all, I’m not from an English speaking country, but I grew up listening to music in English since I was born not understanding a word, I’ve learned to enjoy it, and when I want to l know what they say I just look for subs. Music is an important factor, I won't follow a group whose music I don't enjoy, but as you said its not JUST about the music, idols are much more than musicians and I love that, I love the close relationship with fans, I get happy when they smile and when they cry I also cry; when kyuhyun left for the army I was so sad, I miss him so much, witch if I think about it logically is kind of stupid, getting sad about missing someone I’ve never met, but truth is I’ve come to love them, they keep me company every day, whether is with music, with some silly video on social media or making an appearance on a variety show. I don’t think that in that aspect I-fan and k-fan are that different. But I also understand that idols are real people who have a life outside of the stage and I have no say on how they want to live it, and I don’t have the right to know about his private life if he doesn’t feel like sharing it. I don’t really understand why he has to apology as if the murdered someone.

noedardma barbi Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Thank you for the reply. Seems like you're the type of i-fans that I'm familiar with. Yup, I agree with you that this Sungmin mess has to go already and that k-elfs are taking it too far but we're still outsiders here, it's still about him & them. IMO it's not about fans wanted to control his personal life. Back then the fans wanted him to do it openly & tell them, but he didn't do it. I understand his intention maybe he's afraid that his gf would be harmed. But, after that, he & his gf were giving hints about the relationship (the gifts from fans, the radio, the autograph, etc.). IMO the fans felt trolled. The wedding part is only bandwagon hate imo, I never 100% believed the Leeteuk's dad part & the daesang flop part. The 1st apology is not accepted because he went into the army & people could easily guess that SM & him were hoping people would forget about it when he was released (just like what Kangin did with his 1st DUI), it was a bit too obvious & some people would feel mad. The current one is ruined because of his wife's instagram. Also did you read his latest instagram post? I don't understand why he decided to do that. The weirdest part for me is the wedding date. He decided to clarify that it's not their dating anniversary. I don't know about k-elfs but imo it's making it worse. People would be more sympathetic or a lil bit understanding cause it's an important date to them. Now he said that's it's not. It's just an ordinary date that we picked for our wedding date. If I were an ELF, I would be more concerned for the next comeback with Kyuhyun & Ryeowook.

noedardma Naruta Tuesday, July 11, 2017

No worries. Just take your time. You can do it step-by-step. It's not that important LOL.

noedardma barbi Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Also, this is from my comment on another article. "OT, it's Heechul's birthday today and there's a project for Petals (Heechul's stans) to get his Sweet Dream's MV to 15 million views, it's almost past his birthday in SK and yet the views are still stuck at around 14,9 million. It made me wonder how many real ELFs are still out there today. The fake concern for SJ regarding Sungmin's case is just astonishing to me. Either that or many ELF just don't really care about his birthday anymore. I remember back in the SJ's hey-day, many ELF hate him anyway. But all this just left me feeling sentimental & out of place as an old kpop fans (I'm not that old but I've been around the internet looking for kpop since 09). Especially when I think about how fast BP's MV & teaser got their views. Time flies. Not to say that his birthday is underwhelming, he still gets so much love but the way I see it, most love are only from his loyal Petals & variety shows' fans & friends." The fake concern in this article is real. To put it bluntly, the project failed. Now I'm sure most people here aren't really an ELF. Or if they are, they just didn't care about Heechul's birthday. At least the gifts from his loyal Petals are still really amazing for a member of an idol group as old as SJ.

honeynaomi Sunday, July 9, 2017

it feels like Eunhyuk has been enlisted for years lol...while for some you don't see time passing...I feel like I haven't seen him in a while...Well I'm not an elf either so maybe i'm just not well informed

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