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LABOUM says sajaegi rumors are false, currently taking legal action against rumors

LABOUM's label denied sajaegirumors.

The rumors had started with LABOUM's win on 'Music Bank', as viewers couldn't believe a song that ranked so low on digital charts could have won. Also, the first-week album sales count of 28,000 is a very high jump from their previous album's 900 first-week sales and 3,000 total sales.

However, LABOUM's label said,

LABOUM's 2nd mini album 'MISS THIS KISS' is definitely not sajaegi. We are currently pursuing a lawsuit against those writing hate comments saying this is sajaegi for spreading false information.
We will also be taking legal action against netizens leaving hate comments on LABOUM's personal SNS as if the false news of sajaegi was actually true, and we will also be taking legal action against media outlets who reported the sajaegi as if it was true.
In February, LABOUM signed a global CF deal with 'S' and filmed the CF. 'S' has over 500 chain stores in Korea, and is a global franchise group that also has affiliated stores in Southeast Asia.
The company that signed with LABOUM in 2017 suggested that we have a free gift event for customers not just in Korea, but overseas as well. The company bought CDs to match the event properly from a distributor, and we were planning to release the event to customers who visited the stores.
The reason why we did not immediately reply to sajaegi rumors after winning #1 on KBS' 'Music Bank' was because of legal matters and circumstances. We also had a confidentiality agreement with the CF company, and could not just make an announcement by ourselves because the CF had not aired yet.
However, the LABOUM members and the label could not just watch the image defamation as well as the pain the fans supporting LABOUM was going through, so we received the permission and cooperation from the CF company and will be making our announcement.
We do not want LABOUM's blood and sweat and effort that has been poured into becoming the top girl group all turned into nothing because of the criticism and curses.
We apologize to the fans and public for the situation getting bigger because we did not take action at first, and we will take this opportunity to have better communication with fans.
Also, we see that the companies that trusted LABOUM and used them as CF models will also suffer damages to images, so we will be answering rumors for the franchises.
We are letting you know that LABOUM won #1 fairly from the high album sales and broadcast points due to the franchise event that used LABOUM as their models, as well as the management's promotions.
We ask once again to stop spreading false information and hate comments on sajaegi, and ask you do not harm others by damaging LABOUM's image.
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