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GOT7's Jinyoung talks about his dad's reaction to his new film + label sunbae Junho's acting

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GOT7's Jinyoung opened up about his new film 'Snow Flakes', his acting career, and more in a recent interview.

'Snow Flakes', which premiered on March 1 in about 60 small-sized theaters, garnered approximately 10,000 viewers in it's first weekend, a feat not to go unnoticed for a small-scale production. The film tells the story of Min Sik, a young boy who moves to a small town and meets Ye Joo, a girl who gets accused of being a witch and is subject to violence by the townspeople. Even though Min Sik and Ye Joo become friends, in the end, Min Sik is unable save Ye Joo.

Jinyoung shared his own dad's reaction after seeing the film, saying, "My dad has never seen a sad movie before, but after seeing my movie, he said to me, 'You were in the wrong'. Because I knew that my selfish actions [in the movie, as Min Sik] were wrong, I replied, 'I'm sorry'. I think [my dad] had a hard time accepting that his son ran away leaving a friend in a dire situation."

He added, "If it was really me, I would have tried to defend her with a even a stone, but Min Sik, who is more fearful than I am, I think he would have run away."

Jinyoung's label sunbae, 2PM's Junho, was brought up during the interview. The idol commented, "I watched in awe, thinking, that there was such a side to Junho hyung in KBS drama 'Chief Kim'. I think he's very good at acting. I also thought, 'Sunbaenim is doing well, I should do well too.'"

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