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[Drama Review] 'Missing 9' - Episode 15 & 16 (Finale)

By beansss   Friday, March 10, 2017   33,092   2,885   0



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MBC mystery/thriller drama 'Missing 9' has finally come to an end, after 16 long, grueling episodes. In the beginning, the drama garnered attention for it's unique storyline - 9 survivors become stranded on a deserted island after a plane crash. However, once viewers began watching, we quickly found out that the unique, deserted island survival storyline, wasn't what we would be getting. After about episode 10, the island was no longer anything important in the story's progression, and rather, an arduous battle of good vs. evil, a group of innocent people against a serial killer and his accomplice, began. 

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SM commentating on their idols' sufferings...

The slight twist in episode 15, with the police turning their backs on Seo Jun Oh (played by Jung Kyung Ho) and Ra Bong Hee (played by Baek Jin Hee) to save their own butts, was admittedly not a bad, last resort for the drama's production staff to attempt to add an interesting flair to the plot. With Jun Oh's return, it seemed liked Choi Tae Ho (played by Choi Tae Joon) and Jang Do Pal would be behind bars in no time, but episode 15 said nope, those in power and those with names and rank do not bow down to justice so easily. Episode 15's twists and turns made it possible for episode 16 to take the spotlight, ending up with Seo Jun Oh and Choi Tae Ho facing off in a dramatic trial. Sadly for Tae Ho, the trial doesn't go the way he wanted, with former CEO Hwang Jae Kook showing up in a wheelchair, and staying true to his murderous nature, he decides to resort to killing both Jang Do Pal and Seo Jun Oh before a second trial can occur. 

The plot reaches it's highest peak as Choi Tae Ho captures prisoners Seo Jun Oh and Jang Do Pal, being transported on police cars to the second trial location. All seems hopeless, with Jun Oh's bloody head lodged in blood and broken glass against a car window, and Choi Tae Ho sheds thick tears as he attempts to strangle the man, whom in the star's eyes, is responsible for all of his misery in the past 3 years. But wait! Seo Jun Oh the invincible wakes up from his unconsciousness, freeing himself from the crashed police car, and manages to convince Tae Ho, that running away from all of his mistakes will not lead to his happiness. In the end, Choi Tae Ho realizes, after 16 episodes, that he has no choice but to give up and admit to his mistakes. 

The way he eats chicken and drinks his soda is so REAL...

The final moments exchanged between old pals Jun Oh and Tae Ho were arguably the best in the series. The scenes delivered just enough emotion to satisfy the injustice that Tae Ho had been getting away with all this time, repaid with caring words and tears rather than resorting to tricks to serve him right. And once we found out that what had driven Tae Ho to resort to such violent measures to stay alive on the island, was that he wanted to go back to living a normal life, before his incident with Shin Jae Hyun and the guilt that had haunted him all this time. In the end, Tae Ho wasn't what you'd call a psychopathic killer. He was human, and his human mistakes were the cause of all the misfortune in the series. For me, it was relieving to at least come to that conclusion at the end of this series, that this story was dealing with human matters we could relate to rather than matters we couldn't understand. 

You can't kill me, I'm a zombie, b****

Having said so, the real ending in episode 16 of 'Missing 9', was still a huge let down. It was as if the drama's production staff was outrightly admitting, that this drama was a flop, and so the ending will simply consist of a pointless gathering of the main characters who are still alive, having a painting party. The production staff has officially thrown in their towel, going, "It's over!", regardless of the plot holes that were never answered until the end. For example, there are three other people whom Choi Tae Ho murdered on the island - a pilot, Lee Yeol (played by EXO's Chanyeol), and reporter Kim. The bodies of these three people were never found, nor did the police launch any type of investigation on their deaths, when they spent so much time mulling over Yoon So Hee's. Not only that, but as I mentioned before, the original deserted island survival plot that this drama teased in the beginning, turned out to be a completely unimportant element in the final resolution, other than that the crimes in question all occurred on the island. Realistically speaking, this murder mystery plot could've easily happened anywhere else… do you agree?

Police: No paint on the uniforms, plz

All in all, 'Missing 9's production company SM C&C just wasn't able to do a good job with a topic that may just have been too novel and unorthodox in the world of Korean dramas still. Props to the actors and actresses, who did their best to deliver despite an unsteady plot and storyline, but the final two episodes of this series will not be receiving very high scores, as they lived up to only the small expectations remaining viewers had; that Tae Ho would pay for his crimes, and Jun Oh, Bong Hee, and the rest of the characters would get to live happily ever after. So, so predictable, and so average. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Huge thanks to everyone who stuck around with this drama, and with allkpop's reviews! 




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