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F.T. Island express disappointment about FNC Entertainment

By yckim124   Saturday, June 11, 2016   185,487   10,350   0



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F.T. Island complained about their label FNC Entertainment

On Naver V App's live broadcast for the band's 9th anniversary, they took time to celebrate the special day with their fans. However, controversy arose as Hongki said, "Our fans gifted candles to all of our company employees, but nobody has thanked us. I hate FNC." Jaejin also commented, "We have to hurry and leave there. Seriously, nobody contacted us (after receiving the gift). It makes me mad." 

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The controversy was stirred up even more as Hongki and Jaejin's statements were edited out of the clip after the broadcast. Fans are now growing suspicious about the relationship between F.T. Island and FNC Entertainment. 

Netizens commented, "They looked serious when they said that. If they are talking that way after being with them for 9 years then something must be really messed up," "FNC barely promotes F.T. Island. They need to leave that label," "Is it difficult to say thank you or happy anniversary? FNC is not taking care of them at all," etc. 

Do you think F.T. Island's statements are true signs of trouble?

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Sam091094 Tuesday, April 25, 2017

In my own understanding. They said it half serious and half not. FT Island and FNC grew up together to the point their is no boundaries anymore. Kind of how a bestfriend talks to each other. Hongki said it himself, FT Island needs FNC and FNC needs FT Island. FNC is the only company that supports bands like FT Island from the start until today even though it may not show. Professionally speaking, it's just business that's why FT Island isn't leaving FNC, even though the company doesn't fully support them. They need each other. I've watched a lot of MVs of FNC's artists including FT Island. I actually like most of them. The production of the MVs I mean. FNC has the potential which is not yet in its fully form. And what surprises me more is that the company is keep growing and improving as years pass. They made a lot of mistakes which is pretty obvious but they are still fully active. I love and hate FNC to be honest. FT Island is FNC's first ever artist. If it wasn't for FT Island, they woun't have great lab rats. Lol (Don't hate me for that comment. Hongki said it himself.) They are strong lab rats which would be a huge waste to let them go. And I'm sure FNC has too many artist to handle that they forgot FT Island's 9th anniversary. It isn't really a big deal if you ask me. The only big deal for me is their lucking of support for FT Island's music. That's all.

oooxtina Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I think it is because FNC has a lot going on..Neoz B or D...AOA issues..etc. Maybe they need to hire more staff?

Sam091094 oooxtina Tuesday, April 25, 2017

It depends if they have the money to pay for extra staff which I'm not saying FNC is poor. You just gotta be careful with the money that is being spent. Majority of agencies also has this issue handling a lot of artist all at once. Even the big three companies struggle with that issue. So, it's normal at the same time it may ruin the companies reputations and lose their artist.

Sexyelly00 Monday, June 13, 2016

it maybe a joke or not, but for sure it was half meant. probably they have a lot of disappointments with FNC and this was just one of them. I hope FNC would take care of everyone.

daFoolio Monday, June 13, 2016

if the fans gifted FNC staff candles... shouldn't they be thanking the fans and not FT?  respect should be paid to the faaaaaaans~~~

Aleeis daFoolio Monday, June 13, 2016

That's not what they meant. The article was translated poorly. Hongki said fans sent gifts to the staff in honour of FT's anniversary, but FNC couldn't even bother to wish them happy anniversary. By the way, we didn't get a thank you from the company. But we weren't expecting one, as we did it on behalf of the boys.

daFoolio Aleeis Tuesday, June 14, 2016

ah ha~ you should be writing articles here... you're better than AKP!

Aleeis daFoolio Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It just makes me mad when they interpret it wrong and FT gets hate for it, as usual. I was part of the group who organised the funding for the project. Also, I help my friend write articles for a more reputable site ;)

Sylvfia Monday, June 13, 2016

If FNC treating them like this, then they should just let them go. Too bad this stupid contract is still for 3 years.

qonqonight Monday, June 13, 2016

FNC really NEED to start paying attention of their artists, and also their image. What, a controversy like this and still no official statement?

Catlover12 Monday, June 13, 2016

One of the biggest misunderstandings about Hongki is that Hongki appears to be immature or a bit impulsive in character. However, the fact is that is one of the most mature person in FNC. Hongki has been in the entertainment business for the longest period of time, compared to anyone in FNC, even CEO Han himself. Hongki debuted as a child actor when he was 12 yo. He understands the business more than anyone and receives a very good reputation from his fellow actors/actresses, singers, producers (both film & drama) and staff. If you search for their comments or remarks on Hongki on Google or Youtube, you will see they describe Hongki as a very polite and pleasant person to work with. In addition, Hongki has been maintaining good freindship with many of Korea's Idol group members, Japanese bands, and actors & actresses from both countries, not to mention the staff he works with, maybe except for FNC staff (obviously haha-). I believe the people you hang out with speak of your character and if people around Hongki are very much fond of him and loved him for so many years, and CEO Han or FNC staff are the only group that has a problem with Hongki, well, I think that's where the problem comes from, not Hongki. Besides, Hongki isn't the only person who has issues with FNC staff or CEO Han. I bet all of FNC's artists have issues (Juniel left the firm recently too).

Aleeis Catlover12 Monday, June 13, 2016

Yup, everything you said is so true. The legend Lim Jae Bum looks upon Hong Ki very fondly, like a father looks at his son. That says A LOT!

Sam091094 Catlover12 Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hongki is too comfortable with FNC even his members too. But Hongki cannot shut his mouth at all. Lol They are the first FNC artist after all. You can't fully blame Hongki since he's scared other people will spread who he is and what he's doing. He'd rather said it and show it himself before other people does. FT Island especially Hongki acts in the FNC like he is in his own home. FNC still struggles on how they handle their artist and at the same time not getting their company bankrupt since the company is not fully stable yet financially which I completely understand. But I still hope FNC will have a bright future with their artist.

jkc Sunday, June 12, 2016

they were under promoted ever since they came out. even though krock wasnt hot compared to kpop  they have had some success so its definitely the labels fault. these guys are great and deserve a lot of attention

lanterngirl Sunday, June 12, 2016

Didn't Hongki take the CEO's car on a joyride once? Based on Cheongdamdong 111, they (he and the CEO) seem pretty close. If I'm not wrong, FTISLAND is FNC's oldest group, and the group that gave FNC a chance at becoming big. From what I've seen, their artists usually look pretty healthy and happy compared to other company artists, they get to have creative input, and they must feel comfortable if they're not scared to make comments like that.

Sam091094 lanterngirl Tuesday, April 25, 2017

FT Island is the only FNC artist that isn't afraid to say what they what they want to say. Believe it or not, the other artist of FNC are scared of the CEO and their Directors. That is actually common with other companies as well. FT Island and FNC grew up together so their is no barrier between them.

krell Sunday, June 12, 2016

JUNIEL left FNC Agency when her contract with them ended. It seemed like JUNIEL was maybe *glad* to be able to 'move on' to another AGENCY that might be *more* interested in her than FNC did seem to be. This AKP Article seems to infer some of that --> ...

Kochigachi krell Sunday, June 12, 2016

She will not succeed even with other label, her album was struggling and FNC isn't going invest when she wasn't making anything in return.

krell Kochigachi Monday, June 13, 2016

Yes, that WAS the situation for JUNIEL with FNC Agency, as I saw it. FNC did *not* seem to feel confident of a CONCEPT that would make JUNIEL popular. So, FNC never *did* much to promote her. As to what will happen now with JUNIEL, no idea. I think that JUNIEL needs to go more SENSUAL concept now. JUNIEL's 'funky folk song' days are behind her, as I see it. I considered that maybe to have JUNIEL 'team' with GYURI (ex-KARA) in a more 'Pop/Rock' Music type sound might be interesting. GYURI supposedly has been taking GUITAR lessons from that AIRPORT lead guitar guy. And JUNIEL already plays guitar. Maybe the WHOLE (JUNIEL + GYURI + AIRPORT band) would be greater than the 'sum of the parts.' In the end, you need a GOOD SONG to bring it off.

Sam091094 krell Tuesday, April 25, 2017

FNC already knew that it won't be easy promoting a soloist like Juniel that strictly only wants to be an artist using her own color. FT Island fought FNC for so many years. Because FT Island also desires to shine with their own true colors. Juniel being a soloist seems like she would never achieve that alone in FNC's roof. So she signed in a company that is full of soloist like C9 so she won't be set aside and ignored like what happened to her when she was still in FNC. You always feel happy and refresh to have a new start. Especially when you left your past in good terms. In Juniel's Sorry era, she mentioned that she doesn't want to keep her cute/innocent image anymore. She wants to freely express her true self. She also said last year in an interview that she's going to try acting. She doesn't had any interest to be an actress before. I guess C9 convinced her to try new things that would also gain her popularity. I'm actually looking forward to her new image and not the cute/ innocent image anymore. I'm gonna miss cute Juniel but she's a grown woman now. (You can already tell I'm a fan of her.)

krell Sam091094 Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Yes, I also wish JUNIEL well too! ...

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