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BigHit asks fans to respect BTS's personal space after chaos at airport

By jubilantj   Wednesday, June 8, 2016   233,583   38,722   0



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Displaying your love for your favorite artist is all good and well...that is until you step over some boundaries.

It seems that some ARMYs, in their eagerness and fervor to be close to their favorite group, forcibly imposed themselves by breaching BTS's privacy and personal space. 

A picture of Jimin at the airport in Taiwan shows that the crowd shoved and pushed too vigorously in their excitement, which led the idol to trip and fall. SUGA and Jin also almost fell from all the milling from fans who were eager for a closer look at BTS. 

The actions of these ARMYs was enough to compel BigHit to post an official notice on Twitter, requesting fans to follow etiquette, watch out for their own and the boys' safety, and also respect BTS for the people they are.

Take a look at the full notice below. 

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"[NOTICE] BigHit Entertainment notice regarding the BTS Tour in Asia

BigHit Entertainment would like to share our regrets over the recent incidents when some fans showed their affection for BTS in a wrong manner. Such attitude of a small number of people can and do cause harm on a lot of people, including BTS members.

BTS is participating in '2016 BTS LIVE [The Most Beautiful Moment in Life on stage: epilogue] tour for countries such as Taiwan, Japan and so on. Some fans… 

-used the same airlines with BTS on purpose and kept trying to talk to BTS or taking pictures of the members, despite restraints by BigHit staff and security guards. 

- tried to sit next to BTS members on board,

- attempted to get a hold of BTS members by making physical contacts and etc.

BigHit Entertainment takes safety of BTS and fans as number one priority and does its best to secure the safety of BTS members by allocating as many security guards as possible on site. We also politely ask fans to stay safe and to follow the fan etiquettes. 

If any of the incidents on the above list happens, BTS and fans will be affected directly. It will also damage the image and future activities of BTS very seriously. To prevent such unpleasant incidents and to help BTS successfully finish the tour, Big Hit Entertainment hereby asks all the fans to follow the etiquette and rules mutually agreed among fans around the world.

BTS and BigHit Entertainment are always grateful for your love and support.

Thank you for your kind cooperation and understanding.

From BigHit Entertainment"

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Hanrye Saturday, June 11, 2016

It seems that those crazy fans haven't heard about personal space and respect. Even tho they are celebrities it doesn't mean that you can treat them as some trash. Those crazy sasaengs dragging whole BTS fandom down.

jivsyubie Friday, June 10, 2016

they're rising stars so for sure they're going to have crazy fans. the fans should just control themselves, it's self discipline for goodness' sake but  just because there are obsessed armys doesn't mean you have to give up especially if you're just a normal/quiet army. i'll be forever an army even if the fandom sucks for antis or for some people. you don't give up on the people you look up to just because of some fans. damn. lol >_<

tgantt94 Friday, June 10, 2016

Wow - it sucks that this has happened to them - but can I just say how good BigHit is at managing BTS? They really take interest in looking after these boys successfully - despite some public backlash they receive from KNetz. They are always usually on top of releasing statements when necessary and even revealing their protocol when it comes to their safety. They really seem to have their act together as a label (at least concerning THIS group) and it would be great to see other entertainment companies follow suit. You go, BigHit.

Hommie_In_black Thursday, June 9, 2016

And again some antis using every incedent to show their hate for Army or BTS. Make it look like they care about group, but actually just wait for every article to go there and write some shit.

Hommie_In_black Thursday, June 9, 2016

I feel sorry for them. And I wish it never happen again. But honestly all comments you guys wrote here not help much. You can't stop crazy fans, you can't control them by just saying "Don't!". The only thing you can do is control your own actions and behavior. This is why you shouldn't leave the fandom just because it has a bad name. You're not responsible for them. If there will be more good fans, fandom will never go down. You should show your faves that they can have fans that respect them. Leaving the fandom doesn't do good.

Nekomaru Thursday, June 9, 2016

My goodness...I like BTS but those girls scares me to death.. I've already seen that it could  be quite intense in a concert but with this, I don't want to be a part of ARMY anymore. Just want to be a normal and quiet fan, they seem kind of rare nowadays...

zeysai Nekomaru Friday, June 10, 2016

Well, welcome to k-pop. If you think that no other group has experienced something like this then you probably live under a rock. BTS is a rising group who gain hundreds of fans everyday, so there always will be bad apples in every fandom. Some companies keep it hush hush to avoid any controversies, but kudos to Bighit, who at least give us warnings about them. And there are definitely more friendly and harmless ARMYs out there, believe me. Of course the odd ones stand out more and antis or other fandoms bringing attention to them doesn't make the situation any better.

jivsyubie Nekomaru Friday, June 10, 2016

then don't be an army. tf?lol >_<

Nekomaru jivsyubie Saturday, June 11, 2016

@jivsyubie Oh my your comment on the other hand was really helpful and full of interesting toughs thank you very much for sharing your concern on this topic, what would we do without you my dear child :)

Nekomaru zeysai Saturday, June 11, 2016

@zeysai Oh thank you to welcome me, but I'm not new to k-pop, the first song I've heard was Perfect Man, not Gangnam Style x) I know that those people are just a little part of the fandom but like you said, more and more people are joining this fandom, meaning proportionally more and more of those crazy one. It's just that I'm tired to pay for their behavior because we are under the same "name". And sure those people are friggin scary anyways. But I hope people like you will continue to hold things together in this fandom.

jajajasminameee Thursday, June 9, 2016

BigHit's immediate response over these matters makes me proud. That's how you take care of your artists!

kdrakent Thursday, June 9, 2016

Omg, that was crazy. Their popularity is no joke. That is seriously annoying and scary if they can't even sit in peace on that freaking aeroplane! Some fans are truly nuts.....give those poor boys some space!!

zeysai Thursday, June 9, 2016

After this, Jimin said that he was not hurt and he was more worried about the fans behind him. He is a true angel 😭😭😭

AIIoverthegaIaxy Thursday, June 9, 2016

damn its always the chinese fans

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