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[Drama Review] 'Ddanddara' - Episode 12

By jubilantj   Friday, May 27, 2016   39,846   2,829   3



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Okay, this episode actually made me cry.

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The scene with Chan Hee's mom was just so touching! I couldn't get over how selfless Yeon Soo is, forgiving toward his ex rather than vindictive. He didn't blame her for running away and abandoning their son; though to be fair, it probably took every fiber of his being to find the courage to completely forgive her for trampling his heart.

It never felt so good to see someone lose their shit. 

At first, I didn't get why Chan Hee's mom can't see her own son anymore. She may be getting married to another man but that doesn't mean she should lose the right to see her own child. What kind of blasphemy is that, right??! But after some thought, I came to see why she can't be a part of their life anymore...their relationship would always feel stiff and distant. Chan Hee's mom is the very existence that reminds Yeon Soo of an all too painful past, and that pain will just stand in the way of Yeon Soo starting anew with his life. But this closure is what Yeon Soo needed; now that he knows the real reason which compelled his wife to leave, he will no longer lay awake at night blaming himself. And he can finally get together with Min Joo, the pretty Director of Mango Entertainment. 

Too bad regret won't save yo sorry ass. 

And f*ck yeah to Seok Ho, for finally putting that bitch Lee Ji Young in her place! *Ahem* I mean...that was quite a turn of events in the drama, would you not concur? That obnoxious skeeze deserved everything that was coming to her. I was waiting for her downfall ever since episode one, and it has finally happened, thank the lord. I'm just afraid that Lee Ji Young actually planned something with that p-word Lee Joon Seok and Seok Ho won't be able to prove Jinu's innocence. I've waited too long for this--don't ruin it for me now 'Ddanddanra's production team! 

Teh feeeelzzzz hit meh hard in this one. 

Also, am I the only one who was internally going, "omgomgomgomgomg" when Ha Neul 'proposed' to Geu Rin? Though I am excited that Ha Neul finally came forward with his feelings, the proposal just seemed too...left-field. Has he forgotten Yeon Soo's advice to make it more natural and take it slow? I suppose Ha Neul felt pressed for time because he saw that Geu Rin was falling for Seok Ho. But I just didn't feel like it was the right time. Geu Rin obviously has no idea that Ha Neul harbors romantic feelings toward her, so this proposal may have thrown her waaay off guard. We'll have to wait until next episode to see what Geu Rin's answer is, but I don't have a good feeling about it. Geu Rin is already feeling some type of way for Seok Ho and she may not know how to react to such a bold confession. 

"I have a very particular se"....oh wait I used this joke last week. 


Plot: 7

Cinematography: 7

Pacing: 7


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bonnameme Saturday, May 28, 2016

YunSoo and Ms. CEO <3

ssswzo Friday, May 27, 2016

Same!! Chanhee's and Yeonsoo's scene make me cry so hard ;;;

zergelultor1 ssswzo Saturday, May 28, 2016

yeah so sad chanhee mother leave them

The End



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