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Oh My Girl share thoughts on the competition with TWICE and Lovelyz

Lovelyz, Oh My Girl, TWICE

Oh My Girl revealed their thoughts on promoting with TWICE and Lovelyz

First, Seunghee said, "When we heard the news of Lovelyz and TWICE's comebacks, we grew very curious and excited to see their performances. Singers always miss being on stage and are the happiest when performing. We are happy that we can promote during the same period, and we want to cheer on Lovelyz and TWICE." 

She continued, "People often ask us about rivals and the effects they have on us. But as singers who are walking the same path, we wish the best for one another and want to enjoy music together." 

Member Jiho also talked about the differences among the 3 girl groups. She said, "Lovelyz sunbaenims are very girly and lovely just like their name. On the other hand, Oh My Girl are very energetic, so in a way we want to receive some of those qualities from them." 

She switched over to TWICE and continued, "TWICE are a group that always makes us curious about their performance. They are very outgoing and also relaxed. I hope all of us promoting together at the same time can give out great energy to many people." 

Which girl group are you paying attention to most these days?

  1. Lovelyz
  2. Oh My Girl
  3. TWICE
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