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Who won on 'Show Me the Money 4'? Mino vs. Basick

The last episode of 'Show Me the Money 4,' which aired as a live broadcast, showed the anticipated finale between Mino and Basick, both of whom are talented rappers. 

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Mino, having earned more online votes than Basick, was given the choice of choosing who performed first for the first round. Mino declared that he would be the first to step onto the stage, deciding that he would give a stronger performance if he went before Basick. 

Mino left a lasting impression with a song titled "Okey Dokey." Basick gave an equally impressive performance with a song called "I'm The Man," proving that he is indeed the man. 

Though both rappers gave a banging performance, Mino's stage must have showcased a little more kick, as he swept in 51% of the audience votes while Basick came in close behind with 49%.

For the second round, however, the battle took an unexpected turn, with Basick earning nearly twice as much as Mino in audience votes. Basick had brought on Gummy to perform "Good Day," a song dedicated to his family. Mino stood on stage by himself, performing "Victim" and "For." At the end of the second round, the results showed that Basick had taken the winning title with 30,180,000 KRW (~ $26,000 USD) in audience votes, which was almost twice of 15,600,000 KRW (~ $13,000 USD), which is how much Mino had earned. 

Basick, upon hearing the results, only wore a befuddled expression on his face, unable to believe that he had really won. MC Kim Jin Pyo asked him, "Everyone was saying that Mino will win but you ended up wining. How do you feel?

Basick replied, "I don't know how I feel about winning. I don't know what this feeling is. This is a live coverage but I think I'll cause an accident." 

After letting the news sink in fully and gathering up his thoughts, Basick finally managed to say, "I was able to come this far thanks to all the people that helped me. I think what I'm feeling really grateful.

Congratulations to Basick! 

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