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EXID's Solji cries emotionally on singing competitive program, 'Mask King'

EXID, Solji

EXID's leader and talented vocalist Solji is finally getting the attention and accolade she deserves!  The next music program she beasted was MBC's Lunar New Year's special variety program, 'Mystery Music Show Mask King,' where she grabbed ahold of the audience's heart with her chilling performances.

It was the 'The Feathered Orange' versus 'The Censor Mosaic' with the latter winning by 53 to 46 votes--pretty close!  The loser was revealed to be actress Kim Ye Won who said, "I liked singing since I was young," revealing she had sung drama OSTs and been in musicals.  For an actress, she definitely has what it takes to be a singer!

The winner said, "I never thought I would be the mask king.  Thanks so much."  She did not need to take off her mask, but Kim Gu Ra gave a hint, saying, "That person endured hardships for ten years, so shouldn't she reveal her face?"  MC Kim Sung Joo stepped in with, "We will reveal who it is when 'Mask King' becomes an official program."

However, the show surprised everybody by revealing her identity afterwards, and it was none other than Solji, who has suffered so long now to get her voice heard--and what a wonderful voice it is!  She said, "It has been ten years since I debuted as a singer," shedding emotional tears.  

You deserved this, girl!  Once fans of K-Pop realize the range of her talents, Solji will slay.  You can see for yourself by checking out her performance of "The Reason I Became a Singer" and "We Should've Been Friends" below.  You can also check out Kim Ye Won's "Fate" performance because there's no doubt she's also talented in her own right.  There are also performances by Hong Jin Young and K.Will!

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