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Drunk man recorded slapping high school student on the subway


A video titled, "Drunk man hitting students on the subway," has recently been uploaded on YouTube and is gaining a lot of attention for its shocking content. 

In the video, a presumably intoxicated man can be seen yelling at and hitting a high school student. Starting at the 0:04 second mark, the man appears to be lecturing a female student (in pink) and male student (in white), when the male student looks down at his handheld device. This angers the man, as he says, "Hey, you bastard," and proceeds to hit the student's shoulder to get his attention, saying, "Did you or did you not to do something wrong?

The male student stands up as if to protest or move away from the violent man. The man then dares him to leave, before forcefully making the student sit down again and continuing to call him insulting names. At 0:56, he continues to hit the student, saying, "Don't misbehave, don't misbehave thoughtlessly in front of a girl like that.

At the 1:09 mark, the man holds the student by his chin saying, "Look me in the eye, look me in the eye. You can die too, you know." At this point the passenger who is recording says, "Ahjusshi, you should stop now," while the female student, who has stood up, tries to interfere. 

Finally a different male passenger escorts the drunk man outside, while the man continues to curse at the high school student, ranting at him that the world is not as easy as he thinks. He tries to come back at him again, when the passengers all band together to push him back out. 

Netizens mainly have a negative opinion of the intoxicated ahjusshi, but wonder what the student had done to provoke the ahjusshi, and why no one had stepped in sooner.  

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