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Supernova come out to play on Tokyo Friend Park 2

Via tokyohive:

Korean group Choshinsei, whose new single release is just two days away, recently made an appearance on the TBS game show, "Tokyo Friend Park 2". The episode aired on December 6th, and it shows the group competing for gold coins, which are later used to obtain prizes. Check out the fun below! <Part 1> First Game: WALL CRUSH - "This is a game in which contestants will dress in a velcro suit and run towards a mini-trampoline, which will launch them towards a velcro wall. The objective of the contestant is to jump as high as they can to gain the highest position on the wall as possible. The higher the contestant can reach on the wall, the more points they will garner for their team. A coin is awarded to the team if and when they accumulate a preset number of points. The top corners of the wall have two large red rectangles marked 'CLEAR!'; and if a player gets either hand to stick at least partly within the rectangle, they automatically win the coin." The first one up to jump was leader Yunhak, who said he was very nervous about it. However, he ended up doing just fine in the end. The hosts ended up poking fun at Jihyuk, who didn't jump as high as his bandmates. The order that they jumped in: 1. Yunhak (Red) 2. Sungje (White) 3. Sungmo (Yellow) 4. Kwangsu (Black) 5. Jihyuk (Pink) 6. Geonil (Blue) <Part 2> Second Game: FLASH SAURUS – "This is also a 2-player game. One player will pump air into a vertical tube using what resembles a bicycle tire pump, while another player stands on an approximately 1 meter ledge. When the object inside the tube reaches the top, a series of track lights will come towards the player standing on the ledge. It is then his job to jump off the ledge in such a way that he will land on the ground below precisely when the track lights reach his platform. The faster the first player can pump air to get the object to the top of the vertical tube the slower the lights will travel, allowing a better chance the second player will trap the track lights below. The team has 8 attempts, and 3 successful trials wins them a coin." The guys split up into two groups - the rapper group and the vocalist group. Yunhak was the first to take the jump, but ended up doing it too early and missing the light. Sungje ended up making the same mistake on the second try. However, the third try by Yunhak hit right on time, but it was brought to an end by another failed attempt by Sungje. Jihyuk also ended up jumping way too early. Third Game: DELISOBA GOLD - "A two player game in which one player races to checkpoints in a video game to deliver soba in a set amount of time, while the other sits at the back and holds the soba to be delivered. If the player crashes into an obstacle in the game, the players on the seat will also feel the impact and drop the delivery they are holding, simulating what occurs in the video game." So far they've only cleared the first game...I wonder if it gets better? <Part 3> Fourth Game: GO! UPHILL – They run up the hill and try to place the marker at the highest point.  Each person gets 20 seconds, so they can keep trying until the time ends. All the members are now dressed in cute animal costumes. The hosts ask, "How does this image feel for you?" Yunhak: "This is the first time I've really ever cosplayed..." Jihyuk: "I'm happy." <Part 4> Fifth Game: HYPER HOCKEY – "This is always the last competitive game in the show. A comedy duo known as Honjamaka competes against the team to win a coin. The comedy duo both play air hockey each week so they are given a handicap of a ridiculous costume that hinders their ability to play. The first team to 7 wins, and if the contestant team wins they gain an extra coin." Big Challenge (Darts) - "At the end of each show, participants can choose between taking the coins or trading their coins in for darts. The value of the coins is unknown, but most contestants trade their coins for darts. Participants will then throw their darts at a large spinning dart-board. The dart board is divided like a pie graph and certain prizes are listed in each piece of the 'pie'. If the dart hits the board, the board will stop and the contestant will win the prize shown. If the participant misses the board or if the dart bounces off, the contestant will win nothing. Prizes range from guest's request to a car (Passo). There are also several pie pieces that have 'tawashi' (translated as 'sponge') on them. This is meant to be the joke prize, as if the contestant hits this piece, he will simply win a cheap sponge as opposed to an expensive prize." Choshinsei ended up clearing three of the games, thus getting three gold coins in total. <Prizes> Sungmo - Digital Camera Geonil - Hybrid Bike Source: Wikipedia Tip: makila

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