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Bahnus pleads guilty to giving plagiarized songs to Lee Hyori


Mnet Media said that they were going to file a lawsuit against Bahnus, the producer that plagiarized foreign songs and handed them to Lee Hyori for her new album. Lee Hyori acknowledged the situation and apologized to the public for everything herself. She has since ended her album promotions and is now on an indefinite hiatus. Now, the lawsuit has taken its next step. Bahnus or otherwise known as Mr. Lee has pleaded guilty to the police and explained everything that he had done. He did so on the 16th and the news was released on the 22nd. He had taken songs from American and Canadian artists and pretended they were written by him before handing them to Hyori, making her suffer the consequences. He had downloaded the songs for free from websites and earned around $29,000 for partaking in the album for his effort in "producing" the songs. He is sorry for what he's done but does that cut it? Lee Hyori's image has taken a severe beating because of this regardless of whether she was aware or not. Investigations has now concluded with the police side and his case will now be referred to the prosecutor's office.

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