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[K-indie Spotlight] Indie artists of November 2016 (Part 2)

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Welcome to our latest edition of our 'K-indie Spotlight' series in 2016 where we introduce various independent artists in Korea each month!

With the help from 'Onstage [K],' a Korean indie music program that introduces the authentic beauty of Korean contemporary music to the world, we hope to be adding diversity and possibly enlightening our readers with the Korean music scene that has not yet been touched on.

Check out the round of talented K-indie artists for part 2 of November 2016 below! You can check part 1 here.

1. Reflex

With their refined sounds, outstanding melodies, and extraordinary vocals, Reflex is truly enriching the soul. Let's meet this hottest band on this edition of ONSTAGE K.

Reflex is a four-member rock band comprised of vocalist and guitarist Jo Kyu-hyun, guitarist Hong Seok-won, bassist Byun Hyung-woo and drummer Shin Dong-yeon. Since debuting in 2012 with the digital single, "Miniseries #1 Romantic Wrestler," the band has mesmerized not only the domestic audiences but also Japanese audiences, becoming Pentarport Super Rookie of the Year in 2014 and making it to the final round of the Dead Pop Festival in Japan. Earlier this year, the band released their first full-length album, "Let's Burn," which captures the quintessence of the band's musicality. 

2. Silica gel

Just as silica gel beads absorb moisture, this band absorbs all the sounds out there for their music. Plus, they satisfy multiple senses by combining their music with projection mapping. Let's learn more about this young and courageous band on this edition of ONSTAGE K.

The band Silica Gel is comprised of drummer Kim Geon-jae, bassist Ku Kyung-mo, synth player & vocalist Kim Han-joo, guitarist & vocalist Kim Min-su, guitarist Choi Woong-hee, visual jockeys Kim Min-young and Lee Dae-hee. This septet made their big debut in 2014 at the Pyeongchang Biennale with their projection-mapped performance, then released the debut EP, "Pure Sun," in 2015 and the singles "Two Moons" and "Sister" in the following year. Currently, the band is working on their first full-length album. 

3. Julia Dream

The psychedelic rock band Julia Dream is comprised of guitarist, vocalist and keyboardist Park Jun-hyung, bassist Son Byoung-kyu and drummer Yeom Sang-hun. They first burst into the industry in 2014 with the first EP, "Lay It Down On Me," and then released the first full-length album, "World Is On Fire: Empire of Anxiety," earlier this year. With their unusual psychedelic rock combined with elements of progressive rock and blues, the band is actively expanding their fanbase both at home abroad, truly diversifying Korean pop music. They also took part in The Sean McArdle Band's concert tour in the U.S. Let's learn more about this unique band on this edition of ONSTAGE K.

4. Hwang Pu-ha

Hwang Pu-ha is a folk singer-songwriter with a degree in theology. Using his unusual educational background, he sings about life and death with his calm voice and tranquil, restrained music. Hwang Pu-ha appeared on the professional music scene in 2012 upon his discharge from the army with the EP, "Don't Do That." 4 years later in 2016, he presented the full-length album, "Dawn Without Color," touching the listeners' hearts with insightful music. Let's learn more about this musician on this edition of ONSTAGE K.


The band MAAN is comprised of vocalist & bassist Shin Dong-ick, vocalist & guitarist Perry Kim, vocalist & guitarist Lee Kyoung-wook and new drummer Choi Sang-il who joined the band once Han Kyu-hyun left the team. Known for their never-ending flow of smashing sounds, the quartet made themselves known through various competitions, including KT&G Band Discovery, and received critical acclaim with their debut EP, "Come Around" (2015), and the first full-length album, "Right Next Door to MAAN" (2016). The band's clever mix of trendy and retro sounds tantalized the ears of listeners, and they're the guest of this edition of ONSTAGE K.

6. Kang Huh Dalrim

Kang Huh Dalrim is Korea's premier blues diva who, ironically, resists being called so. Since her debut, the singer has been building her distinct style of blues with her naturally soulful voice as the vocalist of the feminist band Mago as well as the legendary bands Shinchon Blues and Full Moon. Then in 2005, Kang Huh Dalrim released her first solo album, "Monologue," second album, "You Are My Sea," in 2011 and the remake album "Beyond the Blues," last year. She's set to release a new EP before the end of the year 2016.

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tistas Sunday, November 27, 2016

i can see why rock band Reflex are also loved by the japanese audience. their sound is like j-rock, which i loooove. i'm loving their sound

tistas Sunday, November 27, 2016

oh yeah and Silica Gel sounds awesome!!!! there are actually a lot of japanese indie bands that have this kind of sound, so i am definitely falling in love in this band.

tistas Sunday, November 27, 2016