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Lee Sung Kyung caught up in a heated controversy after correcting Kim Jong Kook about a phrase used in golfing that is similar to 'Become a professional courtesan'


Actress Lee Sung Kyung has become caught up in the center of a heated controversy, after a recent broadcast of the JTBC golf variety program 'SeriMoney Club'.

On the September 15 broadcast of 'SeriMoney Club', the cast members and guests chatted about frequently used terms in golfing, while having dinner. Here, regular cast member Kim Jong Kook mentioned that using golf terms around people who are unfamiliar with the sport could make others feel left out, and said, "When someone is putting their head on for the first time, others who invited them out need to explain the terms properly."

Hearing this, actress Lee Sung Kyung, who was a guest on the episode, remarked, "About the phrase 'Put your head on'... It is a term that I have stopped using since I learned what it means." 

Lee Sung Kyung then went on to explain what the phrase "Put one's head on" meant in the old Korean days. She stated, "The term 'Put one's head on' was used to describe when gisaengs-in-training (a traditional Korean name for professional courtesans in the Joseon era) would fulfill their first job, and become a professional gisaeng."

As Lee Sung Kyung mentioned, registered meanings of the phrase "Put one's head on" in traditional Korean has multiple meanings. The first meaning in the most literal sense means for a woman to wrap their braids around their heads, indicating their married status. The second meaning indicates when a woman has become a professional gisaeng

In response to Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Jong Kook also clarified what he thought the phrase meant in golfing. He commented, "I thought 'Put the head on' in golf meant that someone was playing golf for the first time, as in they're putting their golf ball on the tee for the first time?" 

Lee Sung Kyung then nodded and revealed that she had heard the phrase used in a similar manner in golfing as well. Kim Jong Kook then remarked, "It would be better if people could come up with safer terms for golf."

But now, Lee Sung Kyung's comments on 'SeriMoney Club' have become a topic of fiery debate on online communities. 

On one hand, some netizens severely criticized Lee Sung Kyung with comments like, "That not what it means in golf at all, so why would you even bring that up?", "Why does she have to be so offended?", "It looked like she was trying to show off that she was smart, and she ruined the atmosphere", "It's rude to correct your sunbaenim in front of the camera like that", and more.

On the other hand, some netizens said, "It's a phrase with negative roots, so it's best if we don't use it", "I didn't know that was what that phrase meant", "Why would people call Lee Sung Kyung out for that? Nobody seems to be getting on Kim Jong Kook about using that phrase in the first place, when it has such a double meaning", "It seems like the people who are being way too offended for no reason are those malicious commenters. Kim Jong Kook didn't seem to mind it too much", etc.

What do you think of the issue?

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Multi_Smile298 pts 30 days ago 1
30 days ago

knets r so dumb


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Msgulfkat7583,810 pts 30 days ago 4
30 days ago

Is it wrong to explain a term that has another, less clean meaning?

It is always a good idea to help people to understand double meaning phrases, in case they did not know. Its not about feminism or embarrassing a colleague, its clarifying communication.


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