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The super spreader who visited clubs in Itaewon and infected more than 80 people with COVID19 is sentenced to prison


Back in May, more than 80 people were confirmed to have contracted the COVID19 after a 24-year-old instructor visited clubs in Itaewon but lied about his job. This, in turn, delayed the contact tracing.

The instructor was arrested and was put on trial. He appealed for leniency, stating that he would live his life self-reflecting. However, the court sentenced him to prison.

The 24-year-old cram school academy instructor was infected with the COVID19 virus when he went to clubs in Itaewon, Seoul. During the contact tracing investigation, the instructor lied to quarantine authorities that he did not have a job. This cause a delay in tracing the individuals the instructor came in contact with, causing over 80 more infections. Therefore, the court sentenced him to six months in prison.

During the trial, the instructor appealed for leniency, saying, "I didn't expect such a serious thing would happen due to just a few words I said. I will live my life in apology." However, the court stated that the instructor caused much social and financial damage through his actions and also caused fear and anxiety to the citizens as reasons for their decision. 

However, the court decided on the short prison sentence considering that the instructor had no criminal record and had admitted to his wrongdoings, showing sincere remorse.

The instructor tested positive back on May 9th of this year. It was the time when mass infections broke out at the clubs in Itaewon. The instructor visited clubs and bars in Itaewon a week before he tested positive. He also visited the clubs and bar in Itaewon on May 2nd and 3rd. However, the instructor lied about not having an occupation and hide his whereabouts during the epidemiological investigation.

Due to the instructor's lies, the quarantine authorities failed to identify the individuals the instructor came in contact with for three days. During that time, the instructor spread the virus at his cram school academy and at a baby's first birthday party banquet. He also visited the buffet, karaoke, and a shipment logistics center, spreading the virus further.

There have been over 80 confirmed cases, including the two high school students in their senior year who were taught by the instructor. 

In July, the instructor was discharged fro the hospital after receiving treatment. He then voluntarily went to the police and was arrested to be put on trial.

The instructor stated that he lied because he was afraid he would not be able to teach his class or tutor anymore.

Previously, prosecutors requested the court to sentence the instructor to two years in prison. The prosecutors stated that the instructor not only lied during the contract tracing investigation, but he was complacent as he went to the gym and to the coffee shop on the day of the investigation.

Incheon City accused the instructor of violating the Infectious Disease Control Act at that time and planned to file a lawsuit against the instructor for the damages as soon as the criminal trial is over.

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soapbox1,725 pts Friday, October 9, 2020 0
Friday, October 9, 2020

that's just sickening, and all because he was afraid of not teaching his class? Well YOUR STUDENTS won't be able to attend the class if you spread the virus to them! SMH



NineMusesMinha710 pts Friday, October 9, 2020 0
Friday, October 9, 2020

should've sentence ppl from burning sun that long as well



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