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A Journey to Paradise, with a World Tour


Humans have this longing, of a place where all needs and dreams are met. As we progress

through life, we see that it takes trials and tribulations to know what Paradise is about, only

to finally discover it is always within our reach. Yet reaching it takes a mandatory shift in

one’s perspective - because Paradise is not a place, it is a state of being.

I am one of the newer fans of Kim Hyun Joong. Never before had I associated myself with a

fandom, but here I am. When I first came across Kim Hyun Joong’s work, I had not been in

any previous contact with Korean music or drama. Yet his influence as a musician and actor

is what has helped me broaden my cultural horizons and get the inspiration for my very first

travels outside my continent of origin. I have since repeatedly visited South Korea and

Japan, making friends and gaining so much, as a person. For that, I am happy and thankful!

I am a proud fan of Kim Hyun Joong. Probably equally because of his artistry and his story. Perfection and human nature may not be a total match, but they sure are complementary in forging one’s spirit and Kim Hyun Joong is an example of that. This artist and person truly is an inspiration for many people across the entire world. An inspiration to manifest strength and authenticity even in times of many volatile values and unfavourable circumstances. An example that hard-work pays off. Success is ultimately measured in accomplishing what really matters for one’s life journey. Do we live up to our truth and find our Paradise, or remain in a realm of illusion?

There are some words of wisdom attributed to Buddha that now come to mind: “Three things cannot be long hidden: the Sun, the Moon, and the Truth.” So, if you’re wondering how or why Kim Hyun Joong has stayed here and keeps going, you must reflect on how it is precisely the times of haze that give one’s strength and true gain. Kim Hyun Joong and his fandom, Henecia, are proof that truth not only prevails in an enduring way, but also that love is the only way to move forward. More so, that a step-by-step walk and reconstruction process may result in superior results, achieving that authentic, solid self-realization. This is the New Way he is singing about in his full-length album released in South Korea this last February. An album with a worldwide outreach.

I encourage everyone here who is yet to get to their break through moment, to contemplate bringing peace to their present, irrespective of the situation they are faced with, so that healing can begin. Just like Kim Hyun Joong sings it, “reach the Heaven’s glow”! Gear up for the next phase of your own incredible journey, and open up to hearing Kim Hyun Joong’s message!

Stay tuned for stories with the occasion of June 16th’s fan meeting in Paradise City, South Korea, as well as from the new drama announced, the new album expected to soon come out digitally, and the World Tour set to start in August!

Until then, let us wish Happy 1st Anniversary to Henecia Music, and All That is Best to Kim Hyun Joong, on his upcoming birthday, on June 6th!

picture credits: hyun-joong.com / HJ Channel on YouTube (kimhyunjoong606)

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HelPav79 pts Friday, May 31, 2019 0
Friday, May 31, 2019

Thank you for the wonderful article about the wonderful artist Kim Hyun Joong!

Thanks to Kim Hyun Joong, I recognized South Korea, dramas and k-pop. For the sake of being present at the Kim Hyun Joong concert, I came across half the world from Russia to Seoul. Kim Hyun Joong carries a special light and gives unforgettable impressions with its beautiful performances at concerts.



Moriah85 pts Friday, May 31, 2019 0
Friday, May 31, 2019

The man is a marvel. He quietly and diligently set about surviving and tirelessly rebuilt a life and career. I am thankful he lives, and shares himself with his fans. KHJ has proven himself acting, song writing, singing and producing his music. His sweet soul can be seen in his ballads, and in his eyes. I wish him every happiness, future successes and wait for a North American date to be added to his upcoming tour. Happy Birthday HJ.



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