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YG Entertainment announces Seungri's hiatus and cancellation of upcoming 'The Great Seungri' concerts


YG Entertainment has announced Seungri will be going on hiatus and the cancellation of his upcoming 'The Great Seungri' concerts in Osaka and Jakarta.

On February 28, YG Entertainment stated, "Seungri's concerts in Osaka on March 9-10 and Jakarta on March 17 have been unavoidably cancelled." The agency continued, "Seungri underwent voluntary questioning at the police station yesterday night at 9PM, and he dutifully participated in the investigation for various suspicions for 8 hours and 30 minutes. In particular, there was strict police investigation into sexual services."

YGE also announced the Big Bang member would be taking a hiatus. The label relayed, "Besides the concert, Seungri's other scheduled events have been suspended. He plans to actively participate in all police investigations in the future."

Stay tuned for updates on Seungri's ongoing case.

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2fat109 pts Thursday, February 28, 2019 15
Thursday, February 28, 2019

Well I guess everyone could have seen this coming.


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goldenvic63 pts Thursday, February 28, 2019 23
Thursday, February 28, 2019

The police never call Seungri for investigation. Seungri come to the police giving a petition to be investigated. That's a big difference, you think someone guilty would have any guts to come to the police asked to be investigated? Seungri has bigger dick than any of his friends and even Kim guy. But of course Allkpop fail to mention that fact here.

This is Tablo all over again, and you think even if his drug test comes out negative people would stop? NO. They don't care about the truth they just want to destroy him just like how they push Tablo into depression and into the verge or suicide.

If you really care about the victims or justice why you never aksed about the whereabot of the victims?
The victims speak up and the whole nations pointed finger at her saying she is a paid girl and a liar.
A man with 4 accuse of sexual harrassment more believable than Seungri. And while Seungri got asked for 8,5 hours and tested for drugs for the 3rd time in last 2 year after coming out negative less than a month ago (BY HIS OWN REQUEST), that guy was lying around on home posting bullshits in the instagram.


Say all you want about him, but Seungri is bigger man than any of guy in this case. And him asking to be investigated is a clue that he had enough of this bullshits. He is not angel, he has mistakes and flaw, but he is not a pimp, not a druggie, not a rapist. And as a VIP I swear I won't left him to let you push him toward depression and suicidal thought. I WOULD NOT LET YOU MEDIAS AND HATERS KILL ANOTHER IDOL.


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