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MC the Max's Lee Soo apologizes for his constant failures

By jubilantj   Wednesday, April 20, 2016   8,633   797   10



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MC the Max's Lee Soo, who was recently cast as the lead in musical 'Mozart!' but stepped down from the role due to netizens' protest, uploaded an Instagram post that expressed sorrow for his continuous failures. 

Lee Soo wrote on the Instagram post he uploaded on April 20, "Thank you for all your words of encouragement, consolation, and criticism. I realized that I'm still very flawed to start working at something new. I experienced many rejections but this time it was more disappointing. I'm feel so sorry and hate myself for letting you see me constantly fall.

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The singer concluded, "I will try my best to bring you good music and performances. I will keep at my work without straying from my duties I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news once again, and I'm sorry, and I will come back to you a better person. I'm sincerely sorry.

The Instagram account is now private. 

격려와 위로, 날카로운 말들까지도 모두 고맙습니다. 아직 새로운 일을 도전하기에 제 자신이 한참 부족하다는 것을 다시 한번 깨달았습니다. 수많은 거절이 있었지만 이번 일은 많이 아쉽습니다. 자꾸 이렇게 넘어지는 모습만 보여드리게 되어서 송구스럽고 제 자신이 더욱 미워집니다. 최선을 다해 좋은 음악과 공연을 만들겠습니다. 도리에 어긋남 없이 제 할 일을 꿋꿋이 하겠습니다. 이런 소식을 또 전하게 되어 미안하고 좋은 모습으로 다시 찾아뵙겠습니다. 진심을 담아 죄송합니다.

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Hantjaka01 Monday, April 25, 2016

he shouldn't have stepped down from the role and apologised! that was unnecesary. How can he become better if people keep hating on him?!

oooxtina Friday, April 22, 2016

wtf is wrong with people? what did he ever do? smh

allkpopuser448 Wednesday, April 20, 2016

This kind of constant torment is what makes people turn to suicide. He screwed up, he knows that, but he's trying to move on.

NaRei Wednesday, April 20, 2016

people need to back the fuck off. at least he's trying to fix what he did and is living a better life. i get it he was in a scandal but look at him... he's really trying to be a better person and nobody lets him. wtf

ebilfairy Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"MC the Max's Lee Soo, who was recently cast as the lead in musical 'Mozart!' but stepped down from the role due to netizens' protest, uploaded an Instagram post that expressed sorrow for his continuous failures. "So how exactly is the guy supposed to succeed at anything is netizens wont get off his back? It was years ago and he has apologize over and over for it, people need to move on and let him live his life.

SpringxTempo Wednesday, April 20, 2016

i feel like this man is actively trying to change his life for the better. I'm not condoning what he did in that past whatsoever, but people do learn from their mistakes. best of luck to him.

ledapple_3 Wednesday, April 20, 2016

why did netizen's protest his role in Mozart? can anyone tell me lol I'm clueless

Acapella ledapple_3 Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Basically back in 2009 he was involved in a scandal where he solicited an underaged sex worker who was only 16. Other people were prosecuted but he never was and they say that he paid off the courts

ledapple_3 Acapella Wednesday, April 20, 2016

oh wow... this article makes more sense now...thankyou~

senpai ledapple_3 Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What this article didn't mention was that in addition to protests sent to Mozart's production company that cast him, many vowed to boycott the musical until his removal, and still others have launched a petition. One group of fans even raised 10 million won (approximately $8,827) to run a subway ad opposing his participation in the musical. If he had not stepped down, this wave of negative reaction would hurt the musical & co-stars Jun Dong Seok, Lee Ji Hoon, and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. Opting out was inevitable.

The End



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