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Posted by AllK_Maknae20 pts Friday, January 8, 2016

Staff Picks: Korean fashion [Male edition]

Korea is leading the way in all the trends and the fashion is no joke! The daring, eye-catching outfits you see on idols aren't just for the stage anymore! Stores likeDahongmake it easy for you to master that impeccable sense of Korean fashion. Two of our dashingly well dressed staff members paired up to put together their perfect outfits inspired by Korean fashion!


First up is Edward, who has a real dandy boy style. He draws inspiration from B1A4's Baro!

1. Light Blue Blazer

I like dressing like a gentleman, but one who also has a trendy side! I think this style shows off the 'Flower Boy' like in a more masculine way that people adore most about K-Pop idols. I am told I look good in many colors but light blue is my cup of tea.

2. Cat Shirt

It is a cat shirt. WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE? Wear it to work, your first date, a wedding even! I will do everything in my power to resist saying it is purr-fect!

3. Patch man Sweater

If you haven't noticed yet, I like weird and questionable things - especially clothing! The patches are just downright fun and trendy! I think with a collared shirt underneath or fitted hat you can look sporty at vintage all at once.

4. Straight leg Cotton Pants

Cotton is a great material to help your skin breath. It is relaxing to wear during the summer and pairs well with blazers. The style looks nice rolled up or down, and I think white/navy colors are the best. I'd choose white to match each of the tops I selected.

5. Vintage cut off slip on Sneakers

These are must have sneakers! They are the kind of shoes that are easy to slip on when you're on the go. They easily become everyday shoes because they are so comfortable to wear and match well with just about anything.

6. Watch Necklace

I really like charming accessories like these. They are simple but really stand out in a kooky way. I think it shows your creative side and hangs well over crewnecks and hoodies!

7. Wool and Cotton Cap

I always wanted a hat like this and just can't seem to find them anywhere. It is a fun and innocent style and looks like something you'd find in a K-Pop MV! I would rock this with crewnecks, blazers, coats...just about anything!


Next is Will who draws inspiration from iKON's B.I! A cool, calm and collected style.

1. Textured three tone sweatshirts

The trendy designs on this sweatshirt brings out my style in comfort clothing.

2. Fleece drawstring jogger pants

These pants are deceivingly comfortable for how nice they look. Fashion +!

3. Over fit bukeul coat

To round off the comfort look, throw this jacket on top to keep a well dressed image.

4. Side zipper borg combat shoes

These trendy boots will fit perfectly for any occasion and look awesome.

5. Unique & minimal watch

An outfit is never complete without some kind of jewelry. The watch is the perfect choice here.

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