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Winners from the 2013 SBS Drama Awards

By alim17   Tuesday, December 31, 2013   200,295   4,335   163



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The talented cast and crew of hit SBS dramas this year gathered at the 2013 SBS Drama Awards to celebrate another year of success and give recognition to those who particularly shone in the spotlight!

The big winner tonight was none other than Lee Bo Young for her excellent performance in popular drama 'I Hear Your Voice'!  The actress said, "I gratefully accept this award as one that belongs to the team of 'I Hear Your Voice.'  I never thought I would receive a Daesang while acting, but I honestly did feel some ambition because this drama was so good.  This drama was not one I was happy about merely because the viewer ratings were high.  On the set location, the staff members endured so much hardships during the hot summer."

She tearfully thanked the production crew as well as the other actors and then said, "My husband told me that I needed to forget 'I Hear Your Voice' in order to move forward as an actress, but the memory is too precious and made me too happy to become forgettable."

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Check out the full list of winners in the list below!

Daesang: Lee Bo Young

Special Award: Jo In Sung

Male Best Excellence (Mini-Series): So Ji Sub 

Female Best Excellence (Mini-Series): Song Hye Kyo 

Male Best Excellence (Mid-Length Drama): Lee Min Ho

Female Best Excellence (Mid-Length Drama): Lee Yo Won

Male Best Excellence(Long Drama): Jeon Kwang Ryul

Female Best Excellence (Long Drama): Nam Sang Mi

Male Excellence (Mini-Series): Lee Jong Suk

Female Excellence (Mini-Series): Sung Yuri

Male Excellence (Mid-Length Drama): Sung Dong Il 

Female Excellence (Mid-Length Drama): Park Shin Hye 

Male Excellence (Long Drama): Kim Ji Hoon 

Female Excellence  (Long Drama): Wang Bit Na

Popularity Award: Lee Min Ho 

Teen Star Award: Jo In SungSo Ji SubKim Woo Bin, Lee Yo WonLee Min Ho, Lee Bo YoungLee Jong SukPark Shin HyeNam Sang MiSong Hye Gyo

Lifetime Achievement Award: Kim Soo Mi

PD Award (chosen by all PDs): Lee Bo Young

Best Couple: Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye

Best Supporting Actor (Mini-Series): Jung Woong In

Best Supporting Actress (Mini-Series): Kim Mi Kyung

Special Acting Award: Kim Mi Suk, Jung Eun Woo

Special Actor (Weekend Drama):  Jang Hyun Sung

Special Actress (Weekend Drama): Jang Yeong Nam

Special Actor (Mini-Series): Lee Hyo Jung

Special Actress (Mini-Series): Kim Sung Ryoung

New Star Award: Lee Da HeeKang Min HyukKim So Hyun, Seo In Guk, Kim Yoo RiJung Eun JiLim Ju HwanKim Ji Won, Kang So RaChoi Jin Hyuk 

Best Dressed: Lee Min Ho

Congratulations to all the Winners!

  1. Sung Yuri
  2. So Ji Sub
  3. Jo In Sung
  4. Lee Min Ho
  5. Park Shin Hye
  6. Lee Jong Suk
  7. Sung Dong Il
  8. Kim Ji Hoon
  9. Lee Bo Young
  10. Song Hye Kyo
  11. Kim Min Suk
  12. Lee Yo Won
  13. 2013 SBS Drama Awards

sika1989 Wednesday, January 22, 2014

so ji sub- the best actor

graceeunhye Saturday, January 11, 2014

Gong HYo Jin not win anyhting???? :O I love her in Master sun :(

epiloguee Friday, January 3, 2014

Ouch it's heartbreaking to see how much people have to argue about "who should have won the award". I mean it's no big deal and I think that is absolutely no solution to judge about somebody else just because you have different opinions or fixed ideas! Congratulation the everyone!

ellav Friday, January 3, 2014

Sorry,but PSH and LMH no match at all, there was no chemistry between them and that there will never be.

sohye Friday, January 3, 2014

SBS Drama Awards is bullsh** . I cannot believe that Lee Minho & Park Shinhye swept the awards since you have Soo Ae, Song Hyekyo, Gong Hyojin, Lee Boyoung, Kim Mikyeong, Kwon Sangwoo, Jeong Woongin, Jo Inseong, So Jiseob, Gosoo, Song Dongil, Yoo Ahin, Kim Taehee should be those who deserved more to sweep the awards. They act far better than The Heirs main cast. It is funny that SBS is so biased for The Heirs just because it is broadcasted in the end of the year has bunch of (some are mad) fangirls. Ridiculous.

Best dress? I'm kind of confused with this awards. It is meant to be like in Oscar's Best Costume? Or kind of high school prom's Best Dress?

I am not an anti of Park Shinhye, Lee Minho, The Heirs, but the drama was too exaggerating, cliche, and unrealistic. The acting was good up to the supporting casts which are the mothers and the fathers. Lee Minho's acting in Personal Taste is way better than in The Heirs.

10 Best New Star & 10 Top Popularity Awards, Miniseries, Mid-Length, & Long Drama (I still can't get the miniseries, mid-length, & long drama differences, seriously) somehow are ridiculuous for awards to have these categories. But, nah, kind of tradition Korea can't change I guess.

Song Hyekyo acted so good and convincing to be a blind person and she didn't receive daesang? Lee Boyoung's daesang should have gone to Song Hyekyo and Song Hyekyo's to Lee Boyoung.

Kwon Sangwoo & Soo Ae, Jo Inseong & Song Hyekyo, Lee Boyoung & Lee Jongseok, So Jiseob & Gong Hyojin have great chemistry as couple. But, SBS made the Best Couple Awards like a joke by making public vote. Then, you know the results. Yeah, Lee Minho & Park Shinhye couple. Funny since they lacked of chemistry & that x factor in The Heirs.

To be honest, seeing Jo Inseong got only special awards made me think it was only like complimentary awards. Why didn't SBS give him Daesang already. He starred a lot of SBS dramas and the ratings are all good.

Kind of sick to watch Korean awards given from TV station. Unfair and biased. I should just expect more from Baeksang Awards or others.

ellenisa Monday, February 10, 2014

totally true !

shaaaayshi Friday, January 3, 2014

congrats lee min ho and park shin hye :"> ;

ifah01 Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ridiculous! How come Gong Hyo Jin didn't win any award! I mean look at her superb acting in Master's Sun, esp. the crying part when she thought that the guy is dead. Like seriously, that was an awesome emotional scene I've ever seen. And the best couple? L-O-L What the...Don't get me wrong, I like PSH since Tree of Heaven, and LMH, always. But come on...Best couple? That is bulls***. And Krystal, that is another wide and long puzzle.

bigsunrealwinner Wednesday, January 1, 2014

This is ridiculous and well manipulated drama awards except for lee bo young but for winning the best couple! It must be Gong hyo jin and So ji sub.. They clearly had the best chemistry together and their love story is even more profound rather than with Park shin hye and lee min ho... On the other hand master's sun has highest ratings too from the beginning until the end...and Gong hyo jin exceptionally give her all out...and then she was not on the list of top ten awards...and one more thing lee min ho as "best dressed" what about Kim woo bin a model-turned-actor... From what i see, he wore the best and he looks more charismatic......i really dont understand this....

lollikpoplover Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I'm sorry but clearly the award for best couple should have gone to Woobin and Minho!

naqilahazizi Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I ship Woobin Jongsuk couple more. Hihi ^^

takj Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I pretty much liked how they've given all the awards, i really loved 'The heirs', 'I hear your voice' and 'Master's sun', but, i wished Gong Hyo jin ;had won an award too.

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