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Korean Paris Hilton to undergo tax investigation


The Paris Hilton of Korea, Kim Kyeonga, has been thrown into the spotlight once more after previously dominating search engines for her statements on Mnet's "Tent In the City." Since the show's airing, she responded to netizen criticism with a seemingly cool attitude, but ended up deleting and setting her mini-hompy to private. With netizens voicing their opinions on her lifestyle, it has recently been revealed on the 10th, by a report from MBN, that she will be subject to a tax investigation. The Director of the National Tax Service stated on the 10th at a general meeting for the Financial Planning Commission, "Once we confirm Kim's personal information and the truth of her claims on broadcast, we will be taking strict action against her." The statements in question, as picked out by the netizens and the director, are of Kim Kyeonga claiming that she spends hundreds of thousands of dollars a month with just her parent's allowance. After the broadcast was aired, the National Tax Service homepage became flooded with posts describing the controversy. The point that netizens are bringing up are that her parents are committing an illegal act by exploiting the gift tax, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on their adult, unemployed daughter. Up to 30 million WON is nontaxable if given to an adult son or daughter, and up to 15 million WON for minors. Congressman Lee Yongseop made a request to the National Tax Service by stating, "As Kim Kyeonga-ssi earns more fame, a lot of citizens have been feeling deprived. The truth must be investigated and proper action must be taken. Please make sure the citizens know the truth." Source: Seoul News, Dailyan, Sports Chosun

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