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Lee Hyori reveals her good looking manager

May 11, 2011 @ 6:30 pm
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Singer Lee Hyori reveals her good looking manager! On May 9th, Lee Hyori wrote on her Twitter, "My manager, Sub, is good looking" and uploaded a picture of her manager. In the picture, Lee Hyori's manager, Lee Geun Sub, is wearing a casual tracksuit. However, despite his outfit, Lee Geun Sub has a feel of charisma while his stare gives him a feel of manliness. On the same day, Lee Geun Sub wrote on his Twitter, "I also went to do community service. It's a fruitful day." and uploaded a picture of himself, Lee Hyori along with athlete Bong Joong Geun. In the picture, Lee Geun Sub, Bong Joong Geun, and Lee Hyori are wearing work clothes while posing mischievously at the camera. It almost feels as though these three people are siblings. In another picture, Lee Geun Sub took a proof of picture with athlete Bong Joong Geun. Lee Geun Sub is smiling as though he is proud of what he has done. Netizens who saw these pictures commented, "The star and manger both have good looks" "Does the manger follow along with the star's looks?" "It fits for top star Lee Hyori to have a good looking manager" "The manager can debut as a celebrity" "He looks better than most celebrities". Source + Picture: Star N

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