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B.I bows his head in apology and admits to all charges during first illegal drug use court hearing + B.I's father also addresses the court in tears


On the morning of August 27, former iKON member B.I (Kim Han Bin, 25) attended the first court hearing in his ongoing illegal drug use case.

On this day, the prosecution demanded a sentence of 3 years in prison, as well as a fine of 1.5 million KRW (~ $1,300 USD), for the former idol on the following charges: three accounts of illegal marijuana usage, and one account of purchasing illegal LSD, back in 2016. 

Then B.I's legal representative stood on behalf of B.I and relayed, "B.I admits to his mistakes and is deeply reflecting on himself, as well as on the fact that he caused a great disturbance as a public figure. During the time of the crime, B.I was only 19-years old. He made a mistake out of curiosity. Furthermore, B.I is a first-time defendant with no criminal or civil record, and he has carried out community service as well as nonprofit donations continuously since his debut. The album he recently released is also part of a project to donate all proceeds." 

Afterward, B.I was also given a chance to speak personally in his defendant's statement. He said, "I made a completely foolish mistake in the past. I was young and naive, but even so, I was a foolish for what I did. I hurt my family. For a time, I thought that I no longer wanted to live. But through these recent events, I took the time to look around me and reflect on my past. I will never repeat a foolish mistake like this again. I will continue to reflect on myself. I want to protect those I cherish." 

Meanwhile, it was also revealed that B.I's father also attended the court hearing on this day, and requested to speak in front of the judges. He delivered in tears, "I should have educated my child better. It was my fault. I blame myself for showing off my child's accomplishments with a big head. Please show my foolish son mercy."

Former iKON member B.I is currently facing charges for purchasing the illegal drugs marijuana and LSD from an acquaintance, 'A', from May of 2015 through April of 2016. In September of 2019, during his police questioning, B.I admitted to using illegal drugs, and he was indicted shortly afterward.

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Kirliavoir59 pts Thursday, August 26, 2021 40
Thursday, August 26, 2021

why is using drugs more controversial than being involved in prostitution circles? those people are hurting nobody but themselves


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Ioweyounothing131 pts Thursday, August 26, 2021 16
Thursday, August 26, 2021

I am from india. If this case was in my country, the case wouldn't even go to court. He would probably be let free.his lawyer wouldn't let him admit to the charges. And since he tested negative they can't take it to court. Probably wait till another report.


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