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Doctors at a plastic surgery clinic observe a patient's private parts and make sexually harassing remarks


Recently, SBS's 'Curious Story Y' is revisiting the issue of the reality of plastic surgery operating rooms.

Back in March of 2013, Ms. Choi had gone to a plastic surgery clinic. There had been incidents of death due to overdose on propofol at plastic surgery clinics, so she placed a recorder in the operating room in case of a medical accident. 

She was placed on the operating table under anesthesia for the plastic surgery and recorded the whole process. She later checked the file and was shocked. The file was filled with remarks that were close to sexual harassment as the doctors commented, "She is so flat-chested", "Her nipples are even retracting", "There is nothing."

The doctors did not even hesitate to sexually molest Ms. Choi. The doctors went to uncloth Ms. Choi and take off her underwear and stated, "She shaved her private part", "I think she got laser removal", "No, she shaved it herself using a shaving knife", "She probably doesn't have a boyfriend..."

During that time, Ms. Choi asked for a police investigation and submitted the recording. However, it was determined that there was a lack of evidence and the hospital was cleared of any charges.

Unable to accept the results, Ms. Choi requested the court to release the surveillance footage from the operating room. Finally, Ms. Choi received the video last year.

What was shocking was that there was poor hygiene control in the operating room - The doctors conducted the surgery without properly wearing surgical suits as one nurse just walked into the operating room with a toothbrush in her mouth.

Cha Sung Myeon, a plastic surgeon, also pointed out that there were three separate doctors who took turns performing the surgery. Doctor Cha stated, "In private hospitals or clinics, only doctors who had the patient's consent can perform the surgery. I was surprised when I saw this footage."

When questioned by an SBS journalist, the nurse that was seen in the footage was brazen as she stated, "I don't remember since it was so long time ago. Also, we didn't do anything wrong in the surveillance footage, did we not?" as she argued in an interview.

Ms. Choi stated that she wanted to expose this hospital because they did not acknowledge their wrongdoings. 

It was also revealed that the nurses and doctors are performing plastic surgery at another clinic of a different name.

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Aga_C3,763 pts Monday, August 24, 2020 5
Monday, August 24, 2020

How in the hell was an entire VIDEO of them molesting her and breaching medical practice codes not considered enough evidence?????


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booitsjwu2,152 pts Monday, August 24, 2020 2
Monday, August 24, 2020

Every patient should have the right to have their surgery filmed. Medical staff will all be a lot more careful if they know they're being watched.


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