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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Thursday, November 16, 2017

8 Times Idols Showed Their Professionalism

1. G-Dragon
During his world tour in Bangkok, G-Dragon unknowingly stepped into the hole in the ground as the stage floor descended. After that mishap, he quickly came back to tell the audience that he was okay proving that even though stuff happens, his main concern is and always will be the fans.
2. G-Dragon Part 2
A fan suddenly runs up on stage during your concert? Some idols would panic but not G-Dragon! During G-Dragon's M.O.T.T.E concert in Seoul back in June, a fan suddenly ran on stage to hug the superstar but he played it cool until security arrived.
3. BTS
Even the super talented BTS with strong stage presence have their mishaps. During their rookie years, Park Jimin attempted a flip over his bandmates and lands flat on his back. But without fail he jumps right back into the dance as if nothing happened.
4. G-Friend
While rehearsing for the SF Music Festival, despite Yerin's poor health she still pushes her way through the choreography, proving her professionalism. She later was taken to the hospital due to appendicitis. She's gotten better since then but fans are amazed at her dedication.
5. Taeyang
As clumsy as he is handsome, Taeyang accidentally bops himself in the face with his microphone, skillfully catches it, and sings the chorus without any hesitation. It all happened so quickly it went almost unnoticed thanks to his quick action.
No one comes through for one another like bandmates that went through so much together. When Hwasa faced a wardrobe malfunction it was none other than Wheein that came to her rescue so quick that it was almost missed.
7. GOT7
A big part of any stage performance is the fireworks but unfortunately, our idols sometimes get so wrapped up in the moment they forget when the fireworks are meant to happen. Happened with Big Bang where Seungri had to rescue his hyungs but this time Youngjae wasn't quick enough to react but he definitely was quick enough to return to the stage to continue the performance.
8. Super Junior
Not the first and definitely not the last. Super Junior, a veteran group, still makes mistakes that become a part of their charm. During a performance for Evanescence, the members get so caught up in the moment they forget about the rising floor resulting in a good amount of members not stepping on the platform. Despite these mistakes, we all love our idols for who they are and the professionalism they bring to their work.

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