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Dream Catcher reveals new dreamy teaser images for 1st mini album 'Prequel'

By KpopJoA   Monday, July 10, 2017   20,621   1,463   0



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Girl group Dream Catcher recently unveiled a new set of teaser images for their upcoming 1st mini album titled 'Prequel.'

Shedding their previous dark, charismatic concept, the girls presented a more natural feminine appeal in the woods.  Looking like their natural selves admiring the vast scenery of the great outdoors, the members illustrated their unique hobbies such as taking photos to sketching, reading a book to picking flowers.

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Stay tuned for the full release on July 27!

  1. Dream Catcher

Cocospaws Tuesday, July 11, 2017

They look so good :')))

karakamilia Monday, July 10, 2017

EXO, KARD & Dreamcatcher is all I care about at the moment ! <3

sarang_heyooo Monday, July 10, 2017

I love the theme, I'm just worried that means a cutesy concept. That' gonna be hard to swallow after Chase Me and Good Night

cabbagejuice sarang_heyooo Monday, July 10, 2017

chase me and good night both started with innocent/cutesy teasers because the concept was "light & dark" and "day & night" so im pretty sure theyre doing the same thing with these teasers. these teasers were labeled "Before" so the next ones will probably be labeled "After"

sarang_heyooo cabbagejuice Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Omg I had no idea! Thanks :)

Kevyy Monday, July 10, 2017

Why does the title say 'first mini album'? I already have two mini albums on my shelf of that does not make any sense. Anyway I can't wait too see how it all began.

piper123 Kevyy Monday, July 10, 2017

Their first two albums were single albums with only 2-3 songs. The mini album will probably have 6-7 songs on it.

Kevyy piper123 Monday, July 10, 2017

Yeah I honestly forgot about that. I just saw them as mini albums because of the package too.

Leila_ssss Monday, July 10, 2017

The prequel to the last two MVs?

o_melas_o Monday, July 10, 2017

I know this comeback will be good for my ears. I will definitely support  such a talented group

ygbad_boy Monday, July 10, 2017

Can't wait!!!

TheEnygma Monday, July 10, 2017

I can't wait to see some people be like "ooh what pretty teasers, let's listen to songs" and are met with big guitars.

Moomoomineelvis Monday, July 10, 2017

They are looking very minx ish, i hope they keep the metal sound because they ROCK! 5ting

borabora_97 Monday, July 10, 2017

these girls work so hard!! dreamcatcher fighting!

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