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A man violently beats and spits on a bus driver in his 70s for telling him to get on the next bus

By yckim124   14 days ago   12,285   125   0



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A man identified as B has been arrested for his violent act against an elderly bus driver. 

According to SBS, B has been booked without detention at Daejeon Daedeok Police Station for physical assault. 

On June 17, a bus driver in his 70s asked B to get on the next bus as he did not have enough change. B reacted angrily and started beating the driver. He even spat on the bus driver's face. The violent act went on for about 15 minutes. Mr. B continued to express anger even after the police arrived at the scene. 

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The bus driver explained, "He told me to come closer so he could hit me harder. He also said that he's not willing to pay me anything and won't be going to jail."

During the investigation, Mr. B revealed to the police, "I was drunk and got angry when the bus driver told me he didn't have any change so I hit him."

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ryokucha 13 days ago

Was there no one on the bus?????? It doesn't make sense why anyone would not stop "B" if this went on for 15 minutes???????

2fat 14 days ago

He was drunk. Go figure.

hermesdragon 14 days ago

Mr.B ...hmm.. BTS member???

Sharkry hermesdragon 13 days ago

Come on, I'm sure you could have found better, this sucked

trboo 14 days ago

So...let's get this straight. This went on for 15 minutes. During this time, the bus - which likely had passengers and was on a schedule - was stopped and not moving...the driver was getting beat up after all. And yet, during those entire 15 minutes there weren't people around - either inside or outside of the bus who couldn't tell something was wrong and could intervene to stop before police arrived. Wow. Here I thought South Korea respected their elders more than other parts of the world.

SahanaE trboo 14 days ago

I agree.

Classico trboo 14 days ago

If you have no idea what you're talking about, then shut up. The video does not show anyone else in the bus. Seriously, did you even see the video? Its less than 2 minutes long. You also have no idea what was going on outside of the bus either.

kpop_lovedance13 Classico 14 days ago

"The violent act went on for about 15 minutes" -allkpop

dadodado99 (Banned) 14 days ago

This comment has been removed due to violation of our TOS. (Reason: spammer)

meltx 14 days ago

Was the bus empty? Why didn't anyone stop the man from beating him? He is an elder...that man has no respect.

bizarresone101 meltx 14 days ago

Exactly what i was thinking. And letting him get beat for 15 mins. Someone couldve dne something.

Classico meltx 14 days ago

The video does not show anyone else sitting in the bus, so i'm inclined to believe no one was around to help the driver.

qnaug 14 days ago

ashablue 14 days ago

What a spoiled little brat, i hope there are great consequences for what he did and he isn't let go easy. The poor grandpa!! I just want to hug him

SahanaE 14 days ago

It went on for 15 mins. Weren't there other people on the bus. Why didn't they stop it

SugaBomb 14 days ago

maybe ur cellmate should b drunk and angry too, let's c how that excuse makes u feel u piece of garbage

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