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Hong Jin Young says she only eats 1 meal a day

By elliefilet   8 days ago   42,617   2,787   7



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Singer Hong Jin Young revealed how she personally keeps in shape by restricting her diet.

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On the July 12th broadcast of SBS Love FM's 'Song Eun Ee and Kim Sook's Unni Radio', Hong Jin Young guested on the 'monk' special. She came dressed in easy-breezy fashion, and the DJs couldn't help but ask how she keeps in shake. The singer revealed, "I eat 1 meal a day."

DJ Kim Sook then added, "Hong Jin Young's 1 meal is different. She eats 3-4 hours in one sitting," and Hong Jin Young explained, "I eat 1 meal a day, but I move around a lot. That's why I lose weight. People who eat like me, but sit still won't lose weight."
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    1. Hong Jin Young

    pink_oracle 8 days ago

    I wonder if she snacks, and if so what on?

    kimchibiscuits 8 days ago

    I follow her on IG and noticed she's been looking slimmer since 언니들의 슬램덩크. Eating once a day doesn't mean she's necessarily binge eating. If she's getting all her macro/micronutrients in with a well rounded, full meal then keep doing it. But since she didn't give us her food diary we don't know what's going on. I hope she's doing it with some common sense, but you know how things like this tend to go in the industry.
    Intermittent fasting is a thing though. You fast for most of the day then eat within a certain range of time, but still do your required calories with a balanced diet. I do it myself and the eating window I chose keeps me full through the night when I used to want to snack away on everything in sight. It has worked for me, but other people do have to eat more often. Just have to listen and understand your body's needs.

    josielt3 8 days ago

    I usually eat one to two meals a day, but the way she does it seems a bit unhealthy. As long as you're watching your caloric intake and making sure you get the nutrients you need, it's a relatively safe thing to do and it keeps me from getting sluggish. Binge eating for hours at a time isn't healthy, especially if she just eats a lot at once without watching what she puts into her body.

    robin1 8 days ago

    So she binge eats. Ooookaaay.

    NoNotToday 8 days ago

    She's one of the few that admits it. I'm sure that a lot of idols do the same.

    Saraa0112 8 days ago

    i might do this, but i have no idea when to place it. noon?

    Longan_Lychee 8 days ago

    She could do fasting and iftaar basically then.

    cramp 8 days ago

    That one Sister's Slam Dunk episode where she starved herself all day then binge ate though

    marzujj 8 days ago

    She's really something LMAO

    marzujj 8 days ago

    She's really something LMAO

    marzujj 8 days ago

    She's really something LMAO

    Kurare 8 days ago

    Remember when they tried to stuff her into a TV stand and failed cause of her hawt plumpy bootie? ASSets!!

    fefethepinay 8 days ago

    I eat one meal a day, not because I'm on some weird diet but its because I have a very acidic stomach. My doctor says that I am actually very healthy. I don't eat a lot but I do eat healthy food.

    robin1 fefethepinay 8 days ago

    I don't see how a doctor would be okay with you eating 1 meal a day.

    fefethepinay robin1 8 days ago

    You do know that it's not in how many meals you have it's calorie count and nutrition... someone can have three meals a day with horrible nutrition. I am 5 feet, 96lbs. At my height, my weight is perfect because I am not under and I'm not over weight. Do you also know that during the day people can snack too? I also drink protein supliments to fill in for that days meal. I'm Filipino so there is an abundance of nurses in my family, you know that the nurses and doctors really only have one meal a day too? As long as you are getting the nutrition you need and are staying within the healthy weight for your height then your good.

    Max_South fefethepinay 8 days ago

    This diet can work for some, but please BE CAUTIOUS as fewer than three meals per day, sadly, is not a universal thing. The reason is that when you eat rarely bile does not get evacuated normally what makes it thick and prone to form stones (let alone the possible pains that might go along as a side effect even way before stones appear). This means that everyone can try this one-two meals per day diet, but only after checking the state of bile with ultrasound. :)

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