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Coffee chain CEO blackmails celebrity ex-girlfriend

By elliefilet   11 days ago   39,423   802   0



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The CEO of Korean cafe chain Coffeesmith has come under fire for blackmailing his celebrity ex-girlfriend A following their breakup.

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On July 11, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office stated CEO Mr. Son (47) is being prosecuted without detention for blackmailing his ex-girlfriend (28) after she broke up with him in late 2014. According to reports, he threatened to release a video of her to damage her career and expose her as a "gold-digger who took money from me by pretending to want to marry me." 

Mr. Son then asked for 100 million Won (~$87,000 USD) to recoup money he allegedly spent on A, who gave him a total of 160 million Won (~$139,000 USD). He also forced her to return gifts, such as jewelry and other accessories, appliances, and designer clothing. It's reported that on 10 different occasions, A returned approximately 57 gifts to Mr. Son.

However, the blackmail did not stop there as in March until July of last year, Mr. Son demanded A pay back 1 billion Won (~$869,000 USD) in cash. In April of 2017, A filed a police report, and after an investigation, Mr. Son is facing blackmail and attempted blackmail charges. Prosecutors also stated the video in question did not exist. 

Mr. Son is alleging he was simply requesting the money she spent back as she refused to answer his calls. He stated A had spent a huge sum of his money and cut off communication with him, simply replying, "Talk to my agency head."
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yuari3005 10 days ago

Actress Kim Jungmin

geekdiggy 10 days ago

that's almost like the time the editor of tried to ruin a celebrity's career because she dumped him. i guess akp thinks people don't remember that.

pink_oracle geekdiggy 9 days ago

Who? When? Who?

meltx 10 days ago

47 years old...are you sure he isn't 5? He is throwing a tantrum and harassing her. Yeah, she may be a gold-digger but he is not any better than her right now. Should've just sit back and let karma do the work.

hiroonakamura 10 days ago

Looks like both are rather immoral people. She used him to get to his money; he blackmailed her coz he couldn't handle getting fooled by her. What I wanna know is - who's the idol that dated a 47 yo for his cash???

themsbabyg hiroonakamura 10 days ago

That was his allegation which he used to blackmail the girl. It might not be the truth. But if it was .. i'm sure he got something in return too like sex n companion. And for not realising it n keep on pampering her with gifts ect, he can be considered as stupid.

pink_oracle 10 days ago

Wtf, you can't ask for 'gifts' back, that's just a total dick move. Pathetic manchild. 

Moomoomineelvis 10 days ago

Dude youre 47 you thought a 28 years old pop star was in love with you? Lmao

michinpabo 11 days ago

It seems to me like he was more than willing to play the role of sugar daddy. He's just pissed that he got played and probably only got to third base. lol

ShayMin 11 days ago

Silly old man. What an idiot.

Ryen 11 days ago

This is what happens when you decided to be a bitter ex with a greedy heart. Seriously, 1B won? Talk about a disgrace to all the men in South Korea. Though I'm sure, with the money he got from her, along with the gift he forced her to return, I'm sure it'd be enough to hire a lawyer. What a friggin' loser. *smh

Cath_Keller 11 days ago

Sigh. Never give something off if you expect to take it back anyway. He should've told her he's only renting out those gifts, lol.

krell Cath_Keller 11 days ago

Well, no harm in ASKING POLITELY *IF* she would *consider* to RETURN expensive gifts that HIS MONEY paid for them. BUT, HE clearly went WAY BEYOND that ; in terms of MOTIVATING HER to RETURN *HIS* MONEY (as HE saw it).

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