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G-Dragon's 'Act III, M.O.T.T.E.' world tour is coming to Europe!

By KpopJoA   24 days ago   31,394   5,001   0



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Many fans were disappointed when no European cities were announced for G-Dragon's world tour but it looks like Europe is getting some love after all!

According to YG Entertainment on June 26, Europe has been officially added to G-Dragon's world tour 'Act III, M.O.T.T.E.'  The 5 cities are Birmingham (England), London (England), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Paris (France), and Berlin (Germany) scheduled for September.

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Though G-Dragon had performed in London with his group Big Bang in 2012-2013 'Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012', it will be his first time performing solo in Europe.

YG Entertainment stated, "With 5 cities being confirmed for Europe, it makes things even more special.  Having visited the European region countless times for various fashion events and such, G-Dragon will be meeting with European fans on this tour."

G-Dragon recently released his new EP 'Kwon Ji Yong' and is currently in the middle of his world tour. He is set to visit Bangkok, Thailand and North America next month.

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    1. G-Dragon

    johnnyvvlog 16 days ago

    Got my ticket for the London show!

    kwonjiyoung 23 days ago

    the cheapest ticket in Paris is like 68 euros... I guess I'll see the videos then

    eusi 24 days ago

    it's like the Eastern Europe doesn't exist to these guys... time to visit Berlin I guess

    xxbigvipxx 24 days ago

    Where do I purchase the tickets??? I need to know!

    AmberJazzy xxbigvipxx 23 days ago

    live nation at 10am BST this friday

    sumnum 24 days ago

    i'll be going to his London show, anyone wants to join?

    AmberJazzy sumnum 23 days ago

    I'm going to the one in London too

    imthatxx sumnum 20 days ago


    johnnyvvlog sumnum 16 days ago

    I'll be there

    LittleSukie 24 days ago

    Yo, fam, who's coming to the Berlin one. Hit me up if you want to go together.

    oli LittleSukie 24 days ago

    how do you get tickets? :D I'm from switzerland and planning to go to berlin for it with a few Friends! So excited!

    LittleSukie oli 24 days ago

    Sale starts on the 30th of June Pre-sale the day before. It sucks that there is only 2 % of tickets left. Hope they print more. Apply on viagogo. de on and live nation and then the waiting begins.

    quangthang96 LittleSukie 24 days ago

    what do you mean theres 2% left?

    LittleSukie quangthang96 23 days ago


    oli LittleSukie 23 days ago

    Thanks! But how come there are only 2% left when the haven't started selling them yet? :S

    LittleSukie oli 23 days ago

    Beats me if I know. I was trying to paste a link here and post a screenshot but it is not working. You can check on viagogo.

    fattts95 24 days ago

    For anyone who is living in the United Kingdom and wants to go to the Birmingham concert, you can buy the tickets online in the ygfamily website. They go on sale this Thursday. You cannot purchase the London tickets yet. See you amigos there!

    fattts95 24 days ago

    Omg FINALLY, one of my all time favourite KPOP artist is coming to LONDON! I am so going!!! So excited!! I wonder where I can buy the tickets?

    MissBBLover 24 days ago

    but where can i get tickets and the places some one help omg

    MissBBLover 24 days ago

    omg omg say what fxxk it i'm going omg i cant wait we're my uk vips

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