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Shannon's MV for 'Love Don't Hurt' deemed unfit for broadcast due to nudity, tattoos, and smoking

By yckim124   30 days ago   55,438   2,186   0



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The MV for Shannon's new track ''Love Don't Hurt'' is deemed unfit for broadcast. 

According to Xports News, Shannon's new MV failed to pass the evaluation due to scenes of nudity, tattooing, and smoking. 

In response to the issue, MBK Entertainment stated, "Tattooing and smoking scenes briefly appear as well as a scene with a bit of nudity. In order to keep the concept we initially intended, we do not plan to edit the MV. The MV will be revealed online via YouTube and other platforms instead of on the broadcast."

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On June 26, Shannon unveiled the MV highlight. The full release of ''Love Don't Hurt'' featuring f(x)'s Amber is coming on the 27th. 

  1. Shannon

Gaming_Haku 29 days ago

not a fan. but explain to me where is the nudity?

crystaldiaaz 29 days ago

Was this the full MV?

kimhyunjoong334 30 days ago

keep banning!!!! youre doing a good job sk

angcheryl 30 days ago

I like Shannon because she's very talented with a great voice but this isn't k-pop. This song appears to be in english with an all white people cast (except shannon). MBC shouldn't even air it in the first place.

youcanbetheone angcheryl 30 days ago

LOL there is nothing wrong with an entire song in English, is it uncommon to show up on charts, yes, but there is nothing wrong with it. And you must be kidding me when you are worried about an "all white cast". This isn't even the entire mv yet so we won't know, but your choice of words is horrible. The male lead is white, and there shouldn't be a problem with that because it's only Shannon and the guy.

delina angcheryl 30 days ago

this teaser here is the english version feat. Amber , she is also releasing a korean version feat. another person as well.

L_catzzz angcheryl 28 days ago

Here's the Korean version

Sam091094 30 days ago

Their are other Kpop idols that had only pants on, wears semi transparent clothes, smoking and getting wasted by alcohol, humps in front of you, strip their clothes off or showing a lot of skin by raising their clothes to tease viewers, twerking their butts in your face, showcasing their boobs with the help of milk or colorful liquids and seduces viewers by touching themselves. Their are more. All I'm saying is, instead of flatly reject idols because of their concept, try to find other ways to fix it. For example providing clothes for the idols. Just kidding. Suggest them things that is qualified for the show and not losing the idol's concept. If they reject your offer, that is what you should tell the media. Wait. Medias are devils. They will ruin you. Forget about it then.

BigBlueagain 30 days ago

I must have blinked because I didn't see shit. Smooth song, incredible voice, gorgeous lady... let's just tell it like it is. She's banned because she's not "pure" Korean. Oh and on behalf of Shannon and crew, thank you VERY much for the free publicity. :)

Armyinthehouse 30 days ago

ARE YOU KIDDING? in kpop videos i saw girls drinking milk though their chest half naked, showing me their ass and even more, i saw full naked bodies, i saw people with tatoos and tatooing themselves i saw smoking so freaking many times... and just SOME were deemed unfit... I will wait to see the mv, but right now this instance is absurd to me.

Tylialist 30 days ago

Whoa this is the girl from star king and kpop star 6? She's grown up so much

UKihyun 30 days ago

this song is TERRIBLE omg

vincentrob11 30 days ago

You mean, it's deemed unfit for broadcast on KBS. KBS the only station that ban songs.

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