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A Pink present a cheery and fun vibe in new 'FIVE' MV

By KpopJoA   26 days ago   24,440   3,278   0



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After teasing fans with numerous clips and images, A Pink finally unveiled the full music video for their new track "FIVE."

Featuring vibrant illustrations and a catchy tune, the girls presented a cheerful vibe making cute gestures and expressions, dressed in matching outfits.

SEE ALSO: A Pink take the trophy home with 'Five' on 'Show! Champion'!

Check out the video above!

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  2. five

Hyeriioo 25 days ago

This song is so boring

9AF 25 days ago

Fun, upbeat, and refreshing. They all look great, too!

jesuistarajiyeon 25 days ago

Eunji unni.. you need to hold out for more money. Your team is garbage.

jesuistarajiyeon 25 days ago

Apink sucks so bad. Only good song is Petal.

nvrangry 25 days ago

Really like Five! Especially namjoo's part

bestrc 25 days ago

I want to cheer on the most senior kpop girl group left alive (I think), but I do not like the song. at all.

nvrangry bestrc 25 days ago

No worries, you'll have plenty of other opportunities to like future songs. they'll be around for quite a while it seems

9AF bestrc 25 days ago

Just fyi; As far as debut, Brown Eyed Girls and Girls' Generation are senior to Apink. Just thought you'd like to know. ^^

whatever101 25 days ago

Talk about 2 steps forward with their last comeback and 8 steps back this literally sounds like yet ANOTHER varation of NoNoNo and NOT in a good way.

Ravelt22 whatever101 25 days ago

well whatever you say it actually did really well on the chart.. they currently at 3rd on overall chart even above black pink

krell Ravelt22 25 days ago

@Ravelt22 said --> "(APINK new MV here) it actually did really well on the chart"... <-- YES, and that really is the GOAL of APINK (their AGENCY) ; to *sell* MVs. It is *not* about impressing 'extreme' FANS with how 'innovative' in concept that APINK can be. Rather, doing 'YET ANOTHER CLONE SONG' in the *same style* of past APINK does BRING IN THE MONEY ($$$$). Really, this MV is what *most* APINK FANS likely want it. This song RETAINS the FANS that APINK already has them.

Hopkinz 25 days ago

This is one of my favorite songs from them in awhile! Apink fighting!

nvrangry Hopkinz 25 days ago

I think Cause You're My Star is amazing as well but too bad they didnt promote that

kpoplover308 25 days ago

I hated LUV but I like this. Weird.

nvrangry kpoplover308 25 days ago


Cherry_Peche 25 days ago

their songs always have a refreshing feel and aren't overly cute or whatever, but as they mature, i would hope their concept does as well, especially since they obvi have the talent (vocal and dance and rap are all decent if not great enough) to pull of some other awesome concepts that are different.

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