Mir gets up close and personal with a crocodile on 'Laws of the Jungle'

February 1, 2013 @ 9:07 pm
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Mir got up close and personal with a crocodile on the February 1st episode of 'Laws of the Jungle'.

For a few days in the jungle, the members of the variety show had only been able to eat various fruit and fish while they battled through the amazon which they've nicknamed 'the green hell'. But as any growing boy needs, Mir was the happiest when Kim Byung Man and the Amazon tribe caught crocodiles.

Although he couldn't participate in the actual hunting itself, how else would he get to know the crocodile better - than by eating it? He enthusiastically participated in cleaning and preparing the crocodile for breakfast. Traditionally, the Amazon tribe assigns the crocodile cleaning to women while the tribe's young men handle the cleaning of the intestines. Mir volunteered himself to join the others in cleaning the intestines, comparing it to Korea's gopchang (cow intestines).

When it was finally time to eat the crocodile, Mir happily tried out the fried crocodile leg he was offered, and he also tried out the intestines as well. He only had praises as he was eating, saying, "I can't express how this tastes. I had no idea it would taste like this. It sort of tastes like chicken and fish mixed together."

It appears Mir not only enjoys having reptiles as pets but also eating them.

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