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Saturday Morning K-Tube: Trolling, You're Doing it Right

January 26, 2013 @ 5:25 pm
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Closing in on the end of the first month of 2013, and most of us have probably already forgotten about our New Years Resolutions. Work hard, exercise, go out more often--it's pretty much the same old pep talk you've given yourself in the past. And while it annoys our lazy souls to know that real change takes more than a few half-hearted words idly uttered on New Years day, at least there's one resolution we'll never have to consider seriously--being nicer to your friends. Pft.

That being said, here are some videos of our favorite Kpop idol role models teaching us an important lesson on friendship. Watch and laugh as they collaborate for pranks, troll each other to the point of confusion, scare each other into tears, and even attempt to destroy each others' taste buds. Because you know you're close with your friends when you can laugh out loud amidst plans of sabotage and death threats. It's called dysfunctional love, and it's pretty hilarious!


Channel 1: 8Eight belting out the best pizza order ever

Note: Subtitles are available if you watch the video on Youtube.

Channel 2: 2AM and KARA fangirling over 2PM on 'Idol Army'

Note: Subtitles are available if you watch the video on Youtube.

Channel 3: INFINITE going bananas on 'Sesame Player'

Channel 4: Sunhwa vs. her sunbaes on 'Invincible Youth'

Channel 5: G-Dragon vs. G-Ghost?

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