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Music Releases of October 2012

November 1, 2012 @ 6:57 am
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As a way for us all to keep track of the constant influx of new K-Pop records, we'll be compiling a list of notable singles and albums released every month for you guys. Take a look to see if you missed out on any music last month! [Note: all release dates are in KST]


EXID - Every Night (Single) [Listen]

Gaetroboyz (Electroboyz + Gaepart) - My Love (Single) [Listen]


Kim Tae Woo + Duble Sidekick - When I Look at Myself (Single) [Listen]

Lee Seok Hoon (SG Wannabe) - Different Goodbye (EP) [Listen]

Big Star - Blossom (EP) [Listen]

Jang Yoon Joo - Fall Wind (Single) [Listen]

MR.MR - Who's That Girl (Single) [Listen]

Donghae (Super Junior) - Don't Go  - Love Stops - 'Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog' (OST) [Listen]


Rumble Fish - Eurachacha 2012 (Single) [Listen]

Lee Hyun (8eight) - Unsophisticated (Single) [Listen]

15& - I Dream (Single) [Listen]

Ga In - Talk About S (EP) [Listen]

A.cian - Stuck (EP) [Listen]

CRAZYNO - The Lunatic (Single) [Listen]


Stephanie - The New Beginning (Single) [Listen]

INFINITE - She's A Fantasy - 'What is Mom' (OST) [Listen]

Sun (Wonder Girls) - Come To Me - 'Oohlala Couple' (OST) [Listen]

Sonya - Goodbye To Romance - 'May Queen' (OST) [Listen]

Young Jun (Brown Eyed Soul) - Song of Wind - 'Faith' (OST) [Listen]

The Cheers - YA (Single) [Listen]


BOB4 - Remember Me - 'Music and Lyrics 2' (Single) [Listen]

Yoon Jong Shin - Bad (ft. Yoon Sang) (Single) [Listen]

Gavy NJ - Gavish (EP) [Listen]


Ben (Bebe Mignon) - 147.5 (EP) [Listen]

AOA - Wanna Be (EP) [Listen]

Lee Soo Young - Nice Girl - 'Nice Guy' (OST) [Listen]

10cm - 2.0 (LP) [Listen]

Gyuri (KARA) - Breaking Fate / Flower - 'The Great Seer' (OST) [Listen]


K.Will - The 3rd Album Part 1 (LP) [Listen]

Jo Jang Hyuk - Now... (Single) [Listen]

Jewelry - Look At Me (EP) [Listen]

EXID - Hey Boy - 'The Thousandth Man' (OST) [Listen]

Andup - 20 (EP) [Listen]


Homme (2AM's Changmin & 8eight's Lee Hyun) - Words I Can't Hear - 'Five Fingers' (OST) [Listen]

Kan Jong Wook - 39.5 - 'May Queen' (OST) [Listen]

Toxic - First Bridge (EP) [Listen]


Bae Da Hae - Take#1 - Vol.4 (Single) [Listen]

miss A - Independent Women pt. III (EP) [Listen]

Goo Hye Sun - Marry Me (Single) [Listen]

Rumble Fish - My Love - 'Faith' (OST) [Listen]

K.Will - You Are Love - 'Arang and the Magistrate' (OST) [Listen]


P.O.P CON - Nol Ja Go (Single) [Listen]

Wonder Boyz - Open The Door (EP) [Listen]

BoA - Younique Album LOOKIN' (ft. The Quiett) (Single) [Listen]

Ailee - Invitation (EP) [Listen]

Sung Si Kyung - The Place I'll Live / Gilme - The Person I Miss - 'Oohlala Couple' (OST) [Listen]


Jo Eun - Good Person - 'Nice Guy' (OST) [Listen]

Block B - Blockbuster (LP) [Listen]

Lee Ki Chan - Yell Out - 'Arang and the Magistrate' (OST) [Listen]


Seo In Young - Let's Dance (Single) [Listen]

Yoon Gun - Far East 2 Bricklane (EP) [Listen]

Jung Hye Min - Don't Call Me Nuna (ft. Geeks) (Single) [Listen]

TimeZ - Hooray For Idols (Single) [Listen]

D.Q. - Let's Go Start D.Q. (Single) [Listen]


Black Queen - Good Girl (Single) [Listen]

Cheon Myeong Hun - Welcome To The Jungle (Single) [Listen]

Kim Greem - Love Song (Single) [Listen]

Epik High - 99 (LP) [Listen]

Jessica - Younique Album My Lifestyle (ft. Dok2) (Single) [Listen]


HyunA - Melting (EP) [Listen]


EXCITE - Try Again (Single) [Listen]

John Park - Childlike (Single) [Listen]

Hot Potato - Who Doesn't Like Sweet Things (LP) [Listen]


Seo Young Eun- Not Likely... (Single) [Listen]

Kim Bo Kyung - Rockin' (LP) [Listen]

Kim Jong Kook - Kim Jong Kook 7th Album - pre-release : Words I Want To Say To You + Men Also Feel Sad [Listen]

Orange Caramel - Lipstick DJ Remix (Single) [Listen]

B.A.P - Stop It (LP) [Listen]

One Piece - Because It's You - 'Faith' (OST) [Listen]

Son Seung Yeon - Wings Of An Ugly Duck (LP) [Listen]


Crayon Pop - Dancing Queen (Single) [Listen] - Good Day (EP) [Listen]

Byul - Cute (ft. 10cm's Kwon Jung Yeol) (Single) [Listen]

Yoon Jong Shin - October Sky: Components of Tears (Single) [Listen]


Miss $ - Miss Us? (EP) [Listen]

Monday Kiz - Healing Activity - pre-release: Our Myungsoo Has Changed [Listen]

Kim Jang Hoon - Nothing - pre-release [Listen]

Park Myung Soo & Jung Yeob - Was It A Dream (Single) [Listen]


Standing Egg - A Perfect Day (ft. Windy) (Single) [Listen]

Girl's Day - Girl's Day Party #5 (Don't Forget Me) (Single) [Listen]

Soul Dive - Luv Recycle Part 2: Tears Have Dried (Single) [Listen]

GLAM - Person I Miss - 'Five Fingers' (OST) [Listen]

LJ - Be My Girl (Single) [Listen]


Soul Star - Baby You (ft. C-Real Ann J) (Single) [Listen]

Heo Young Saeng - Looking At You - 'Music and Lyrics 2' (Single) [Listen]

5tion - Only 4 U (Single) [Listen]

Lee Hi - 1,2,3,4 (Single) [Listen]


Urban Zakapa - 02 (LP) [Listen]

Kim Bo Kyung - Lay Me Down (Single) [Listen]

Noel - Time For Love - pre-release: Woman [Listen]

Wax - Tears Fall - 'I Miss You' (OST) [Listen]

Heenain - You're A Jerk (Single) [Listen]


Primary - Primary and the Messengers (LP) [Listen]

E2RE - Break Out In November: Deep Night Sad Song (Single) [Listen]

S4 - Sexy, Sweet, Smart & Sentimental : She Is My Girl (ft. HyunA) (Single) [Listen]

Song Joong Ki - Really - 'Nice Guy' (OST) [Listen]

SM Entertainment & Hyundai's 'Younique' unit - Younique Album Maxstep (Single) [Listen]

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