f(x)'s Sulli reveals her height causes her stress on 'Strong Heart'

August 28, 2012 @ 9:26 am
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f(x)'s Sulli revealed that her tall height has been causing her stress.

On the August 28th episode of SBS' 'Strong Heart', Sulli will open up about her height. She stated during filming, "Whenever I see people, they ask me if I grew taller again, and it really stresses me out. A lot of people say that I am over 170cm (5'7"), but I am not that tall." Sulli then had her height measured to dispel rumors.

Sulli is known to be on the taller side in comparison to other female idols, earning the nickname "giant baby".

As netizens heard the news that Sulli will get her height measured, they commented, "Sulli is getting her height measured? IU revealed her weight and now Sulli will reveal her height", "Sulli must have been disheartened to have had her height measured on 'Strong Heart'", and "I have to see her get measured and find out her height".

Source: KW News via Naver

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