Jessica and Lee Dong Wook spotted together?

April 3, 2012 @ 12:06 pm
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Dating rumors surrounding Girls' Generation's Jessica and her 'Wild Romance' co-star Lee Dong Wook are on the rise again after Dispatch released photos of the two at a birthday party for comedian Jung Joon Ha.

The two appear friendly in the photos, but both management agencies are denying rumors of an alleged romantic relationship. King Kong Entertainment, the actor's agency, stated to Sports Seoul, "They became friendly because of their drama, and they were exchanging greetings as they were meeting for the first time in a while. They are definitely not dating or in any kind of serious relationship."

"They didn't even go to the party together; they went separately and just happened to meet there. We're under the impression that there were many non-celebrities and other friends of Jung Joon Ha who were there at the party. It appears that they saw a familiar face out of the large crowd and decided to sit together."

SM Entertainment also denied the rumors stating, "She was invited to Jung Joon Ha's birthday party, and they just happened to sit at the same table," assuring fans that the meeting between the two stars was just a coincidence.

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Source & Photos: Dispatch, Sports Seoul
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