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MC Mong attends his first Court of Appeals trial

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MC Mong returned to court on July 20th to begin his trial of appeal. He was previously in court following charges for suspicion of willfully evading mandatory military service. MC Mong's original trial opened on April 11th, 2011. The court's verdict found MC Mong not-guilty of violating Korea's military service law. However, the court found him guilty on obstruction of justice charges. Mong was sentenced to a suspended six-month prison term, a year of probation, and 120 hours of community service. Since that trial, MC Mong expressed that he would like to enlist in the military, even seeking alternative methods to enter. But an official statement issued by the Office of Legislation & the Interpretation of Law Reviewing Committee found that although MC Mong was found not guilty of violating the military service law,  he was no longer eligible to volunteer for active duty because of his mature age. Therefore, he cannot enlist in the military. Prosecutors could not accept that MC Mong was found not guilty of violating the military service law in the first trial. Instead, they requested an appeal of the lower Court's ruling, to which MC Mong consented. The Court of Appeals trial begins today at 10:00AM in an undisclosed Seoul courthouse. Legal experts anticipate another highly intense trial between MC Mong and prosecutors over charges that MC Mong evaded military service and other issues of law. Source & Image : JoyNews24 via Naver


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