[OP-ED] Do people forgive and forget?

Lately, K-pop's been plagued with a whole bunch of scandals and issues. 2012 was filled with scandals surrounding T-ara, Nichkhun, Block B, and Kang H…

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MC Mong's reps deny rumors of a comeback

Fans had their hopes up as it was recently rumored that MC Mong was getting ready for a comeback. However, it turns out the artist has no plans of…

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Is MC Mong suffering from sociophobia?

MC Mong has been revealed to be suffering from sociophobia. He was recently chosen as the #1 celebrity that fans want to see return, but curren…

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MC Mong to return to court next month

MC Mong will be attending his final appeals hearing at the Supreme Court next month. Back in January, after a long battle in the courts over th…

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MC Mong to accept court of appeals' decision

It seems that MC Mong's military draft evasion case has finally come to a close. After a long, tedious battle in the courts, the singer has dec…

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