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Former members of S.E.S, Baby V.O.X and T.T.Ma reunite for Eugene's marriage

July 11, 2011 @ 2:36 pm
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Former T.T.Ma member Soy recently updated fans on the current whereabouts of the much-beloved 'Yachaepi', an informal group formed between members of female idol groups from the late '90s. It consists of S.E.S's Shoo & Eugene, Baby V.O.X's Kan Mi Yeon, Park Ji Yoon, and T.T.Ma's Soy. The girls reunited after a long time to celebrate Eugene's upcoming marriage, and marked the occasion by taking a couple of fun group shots with their natural, makeup-free faces and comfortable outfits. It was said that Eugene's husband-to-be, Ki Tae Young, specially took the cameraman position in order to take these heartwarming pictures. Netizens commented, "'Yachaepi' are so cute", "Never-changing beauties", "They all look like good friends", "Eugene must have nothing to envy, especially with friends and a husband like them", and "They all have perfect baby faces." Source: Star News via Daum

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