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Lee Bum Soo gets married again

May 22, 2010 @ 9:03 am
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After announcing that he was getting married in May, Lee Bum Soo (41) is finally tying the knot on May 22nd with his teacher and now wife, Lee Yoon Jin (27). This will be Lee Bum Soo's second marriage after divorcing in 2003 but it does look like it will be marital bliss till the end this time. He met his wife when she was teaching English and he was a student learning English. She is an English newspaper columnist, a translator and an English language teacher. Among her students was global star and K-pop king, Rain. They tied the knot this evening at the W Seoul Walkerhill Hotel where celebrities like Lee Byung Hun, Kim Bum, Jung Jun Ha, Park Soo Hong, Lee Hwi Jae, Im Chang Jung, Ryeo Won, etc turned up to congratulate him on his wedding. At the press conference before the wedding, they expressed their wish to have at least 3 or more children. They won't be going on a honeymoon after this as Lee Bum Soo has to return straight to work, filming for his drama, Giant. [gallery]

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