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MBC's 'Dr. Jin' extended two episodes

MBC's 'Dr. Jin' starring Song Seung Hun, Lee Bum Soo, and Kim Jaejoong has been extended by 2 more episodes. A staff member at the drama said o…

   Saturday, July 14, 2012   20,508   0   0


Lee Bum Soo's wife is glad "Giant" is over

To actor Lee Bum Soo, 2010 was a very meaningful year. He was loved for his acting in the SBS drama 'Giant', and in May, he got married to Lee Yoo…

   Tuesday, December 28, 2010   13,660   0   0


Lee Bum Soo to be a dad!

Actor Lee Bum Soo has revealed that he is going to be a father! "My wife is four months pregnant," he said. "When she first told me in June tha…

   Saturday, October 2, 2010   4,925   64,689   0

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Lee Bum Soo gets married again

After announcing that he was getting married in May, Lee Bum Soo (41) is finally tying the knot on May 22nd with his teacher and now wife, Lee Yoon Ji…

   Saturday, May 22, 2010   29,054   64,689   0


Lee Bum Soo to get married

I hear a lot of wedding bells in the air these days with Jang Dong Gun, Yang Hyun Suk and now it's Lee Bum Soo turn! It's been a year and six month…

   Wednesday, March 10, 2010   6,970   0   0