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[K-indie Spotlight] Indie artists of August 2016

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Welcome to our second edition of our 'K-indie Spotlight' series in 2016 where we introduce various independent artists in Korea each month!

With the help from 'Onstage [K],' a Korean indie music program that introduces the authentic beauty of Korean contemporary music to the world, we hope to be adding diversity and possibly enlightening our readers with the Korean music scene that has not yet been touched on.

Check out the round of talented K-indie artists for August 2016 below!

1. Rude Paper


Rude Paper is a trio specializing in reggae. These guys are so genuine that they went all the way to Jamaica just to experience the true spirit of reggae. The band's second album, 'Destroy Babylon,' is the ultimate fruit of their time and experiences in the country where reggae originated, and they're featuring on this edition of ONSTAGE K.

Rude Paper was initially formed by Koonta of Koonta & New Orleans along with RD, the producer of URD. The two pleasantly shocked Korean music lovers with their experimental sounds based on reggae through the album, "Paper Spectrum." Then they recruited guitarist Kevon, whom they worked with on their second album, 'Destroy Babylon,' and together, they're diversifying the Korean music industry

2. Annyeong Bada 

The sensual rock band Annyeong Bada made their long-awaited return after a break of 3 years with the album, 'Overnight, Goodbye.' Combining bright melodies with sentimental qualities, the trio consoles the weary soul. These are young and talented musicians that everyone should learn about.

Annyeong Bada is comprised of vocalist Namoo, bassist Woo Myung-je and guitarist Woo Sun-je. Formed in 2006, this band made their official debut in 2009 with the mini album, 'Boy's Universe.' Since then, the trio released a total of 4 full-length albums, which are 'City Complex,' 'Pink Revolution,' 'I Cross the Sea with You,' and 'Overnight, Goodbye.'

3. Parasol

The band Parasol refuses to give meaning to everything they do. The members just somehow formed this band and named their band Parasol because that word sounds cool. Also, rather than conveying heart-piercing messages through their music, this band just makes the music that pleases the ears. Ironically, their act of refusing to be meaningful is actually what makes them so meaningful. Let's learn more about this free-spirited band.

Parasol is a trio comprised of vocalist and bassist G, guitarist Kim Na-eun and drummer Jung Won-jin. With their fantastic expertise gained from experience, these three musicians have been showing off their strong presence since their debut in 2014. Last year, the band pleasantly surprised the public with their retro yet trendy first album, 'When the Day Comes,' and they recently released the new single, 'Pillow and Ceiling.'

4. Cho Deok-hwan

Deulgukhwa is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most influential rock bands in the history of Korean music. The band's first guitarist Cho Deok-hwan, the man behind many of the band's biggest hits, left the team upon releasing the first album, however, in 2011, he returned to the music industry after a break of 30 years, showing off his presence and undying passion for music. Let's find more about this legend.

Cho Deok-hwan is the first guitarist of Deulgukhwa and the composer of the songs "The Train Heading Toward the World," "Bless You," and "Till the Morning Breaks" featured on the band's first album, 'March,' one of the greatest Korean albums of all-time. After pursuing a short career as a musician as a member of Deulgukhwa, Cho left for the U.S. and then came back to Korean in 2009 to pursue his musical career again. Beginning with is solo album, 'Long Way Home,' Cho Deok-hwan has been inspiring both young and old since his return.

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tistas Tuesday, August 23, 2016

aww yis. i love me some parasol and anyeong bada