Posted by Germaine-Jay Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Fans turn on Na-Eun after news she won't be joining A Pink's album promotions


Fans are turning on Na-Eun after the news she won't be joining A Pink for their album promotions.

IST Entertainment previously reported Na-Eun will not be participating in the promotional aspect of A Pink's upcoming 10-year anniversary special album, and despite her current label YG Entertainment's statement, some fans have expressed outrage over her absence. On January 18, a netizen's post about Na-Eun's absence made it to #7 on Nate's Pann community message board.

The netizen titled the post, "We have shielded Na-Eun until now." The alleged A Pink fan then claimed the fanbase has been protecting Na-Eun despite criticisms about her lack of communication with fans on the official fan cafe for the past 2-3 years, her allegedly careless attitude towards choreography and dancing, and the fact that she did not dye her hair due to drama filming despite her fellow members dying their hair.

Other netizens commented, "She can't even act, so why is she insistent on acting? I would understand if Eunji was being this way," "I can say that I have affection too, but actions speak louder than words. She should know that she needs to show her intentions with actions after moving to a new label," "I feel sorry for the label. I feel like they invested a lot into the album, and suddenly," and more.

What are your thoughts on the post?

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Winston7,252 pts Tuesday, January 18, 2022 7
Tuesday, January 18, 2022

recently on Knowing Brothers, the members of 2AM were asked how is it they can re-group even when all of them are from Different Agencies.

Jo Kwon answered because we wanted to stay as 2AM, so the FIRST LINE of the terms and condition that each member ask from their new agency was that the Promotion of 2AM activities TAKE Priority first.

Hence even if another activity clash with their 2AM promotion, the 2AM promotion take priority.

that is why the public think so highly as they place Group over self.

Maybe that is why the fans feel that Naeun's agency choose to put her solo activities over the reunion of APINK, and the fans, and hence its like not fulifing her promise that she will still be part of Apink when she left the group and agency..

its like she only took part in the recording and MV..thats all.

its not like she has a Valid health reason like she is injured that she cannot appear, but its because of her solo work.. if she has solo work, then she should either not take part in the comeback at all or cancel her solo work..

if she cancel her solo work, i think the fans will cheer her, but i think its not her choice to make as cancelling the acting will cause YG to lose more money than her earnings from taking part in APink album.

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Jasmenaaa68 pts Tuesday, January 18, 2022 3
Tuesday, January 18, 2022

As pinkpanda, i think she should just leave the group. I love her, but we all shielded her when she acted cold to her fans, staffs and even her fellow members. She has reached this rank just bcs apink, but when she gained public popularity her behaviour has changed lot

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