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Korean dating reality show 'Single's Inferno' triggers heated discussion about "pale skin" between international viewers and Korean netizens


There is a new Korean reality show that is garnering much attention from many viewers worldwide.

The new Netflix original series 'Single's Inferno' bring single young men and women to an island from which they can only escape once they find their mate. These attractive and young individuals cannot reveal their occupation or their age and must compete with one another to find love.

Not only is this show gaining much attention from Korean viewers, but it has been gaining much popularity from international viewers. However, many of the international viewers have gathered negative attention to the show as they found that the contestants had preferences for lighter skins.

Many of these international viewers have taken to social media to discuss this issue as they have taken issue with the male contestants referring to "pale" skin equating to "innocence." 

This issue was brought up in a Korean online community where Korean netizens share their thoughts on the matter, causing a heated debate. Many Korean netizens are refuting that the contestants' preference for lighter skin is not a racist issue and only a cultural difference in preferences.

Korean netizens commented, "For people who like tanning in overseas countries, is that racist too? If we turn this around, it sounds ridiculous," "I think it's just an expression we use a lot in our country so [this reaction] took me off guard, lol. It doesn't mean having light skin equates to being pure it just means they look gentle," "The pale skin expression is not talking about being white like white people, it's just an expression referring to having clear and transparent skin," "I think this is just a cultural thing. The pale skin we refer to is having transparent and clear skin. I think the standard is different for us," "I think this is a contradiction because no one has any issues when we say that darker and tanned skin is sexy," "I really don't get why people are getting worked up when it's just what certain people prefer," "Aren't overseas people obsessive over skin color more? Then they wouldn't go tanning and such. They think tanning is more healthy and that's their beauty standard. I bet you they would take more issue if we [Koreans] say they are so obsessed with tanning," "This is just a beauty standard for Koreans. I feel they're really misunderstanding the phrase," and "I think it's the subtitle translation, instead of translating as "white" skin, they should've put "fair skin," they don't say white. I also get what the international viewers are saying because the translation keeps putting "white" and "pure" or "innocent" together a lot. I think the translation person should have been more attentive in choosing the wording as much as there are more people taking interest in Korean culture."

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When a beauty standard transcends to colour so that those who are naturally darker are deemed less attractive that is called colourism. We know Korea prefers pale white “clear skin” females, doesn’t make it any less colourist. I remember when Lee Hyori broke that barrier and showed that there is not just one way to be beautiful. The Knetz comments sound so backwards 😪


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EverydayJiayou2,628 pts 30 days ago 27
30 days ago

No, America isn’t obsessed with tanning because not every American has pale white skin. We have all sorts of shades, and anyone can be beautiful regardless of what shade they are. That is why people take offense to certain shades being seen as attractive in other countries, because it’s very destructive to a person’s mental health, especially in a country where 1) suicide is the leading cause of death along young people and 2) people are born with darker shades and they have to live with that in a culture that doesn’t deem them naturally attractive and “fair”.


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